If you have ever checked in at a hospital for an overnight stay, you may have had to sign some documents related to your “patient’s rights & responsibilities.”

Your patient’s rights will include detailed instructions for how the hospital will administer your care. Typically, a hospital will also outline your responsibilities as a patient. While most of the heavy lifting will be done by the doctors and nurses administering your care, the success of your care ultimately does rely on your fulfillment of these responsibilities.

Home care agencies, like A Place at Home, must provide clients with a similar patient’s bill of rights and responsibilities that outlines a list of expectations for your care. As a client of a home care agency, it is essential to understand your rights and responsibilities to guarantee you are enjoying the highest quality care you deserve.

As a client of A Place at Home, you have the rights to:

  • Choose A Place at Home as the agency that provides your home care.
  • Participate in the planning of your care and receive education regarding the plan prior to care being provided and as changes are made.
  • Request information about your diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment.
  • Refuse home health care and be informed of any possible health consequences of this action.
  • Receive care given without discrimination as to race, color, creed, sex, age, or national origin.
  • Be admitted for service only if A Place at Home has the ability to provide safe, professional care at the level of intensity needed and to a reasonable continuity of care.
  • Enjoy confidentiality of all records, communications, and personal information.
  • Review all of your health records, unless, the physician has documented otherwise in the medical record.
  • Receive both oral and written explanation regarding termination if services are terminated for reasons other than discharge and receive information regarding community resources.
  • Voice complaints, grievances, and suggest changes in service or staff without fear of reprisal or discrimination.
  • Be fully informed of agency policies, and charges for services, including eligibility for third-party reimbursement, prior to receiving care.

As a client of A Place at Home, you have the responsibilities to:

  • Request further information concerning anything you don’t understand.
  • Give accurate and complete health information concerning your past and present illnesses, hospitalizations, doctor’s appointments, medications, allergies, and other pertinent items.
  • Assist in developing and maintaining a safe environment in your home.
  • Inform A Place at Home at least 24 hours in advance of any address changes or when you will not be able to keep a visit.
  • Participate in the development and update of your home care plan and adhere to this care plan—including proactively informing A Place at Home of any known changes/needs relative to the client.
  • Give information regarding concerns and problems you have to an administrator of A Place at Home.
  • Accept qualified personnel without discrimination against race, religion, political belief, gender, social status, sexual orientation, marital status, or age.


Do you know a friend or family member in need of home care in the Omaha and Council Bluffs area? Keeping your loved ones happy and healthy at home requires a delicate balance of patience and teamwork that we can offer at A Place at Home. Our dedicated staff of nurses and caregivers is prepared to offer realistic solutions to the obstacles standing in the way of your independence.

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