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Senior Living Options & Alternatives

For many seniors, there comes a time when aging in place just isn’t possible or the best care option anymore. When this time comes for you or your loved one, A Place At Home can provide senior living options that fit your needs. Whether the move is motivated by health changes, finances, or simply because it feels like the right time, finding the right senior living community can be an overwhelming and time-consuming task. With the help of a senior living advisor, it doesn’t have to be.

Benefits of Our Senior Living Guidance

Questions to Ask Assisted Living and Senior Living Communities

While touring senior living communities, ask questions like these to help you narrow your search and find a community that suits your needs. 

  1. How many residents live here? 
  2. How many staff members help each resident? 
  3. What type of training does your care staff go through? 
  4. How do you match caregivers to residents? 
  5. How do you consistently manage care plans for residents? 
  6. What is the staff turnover rate? 
  7. Does your care staff have experience specific to [you or your loved one’s diagnosis]? 
  8. Are staff on-site 24/7? How many caregivers are available overnight versus during the day? 
  9. Do you have an on-site doctor and/or registered nurse? 
  10. What floor plans are available? 
  11. What safety features are available throughout the community (like handrails)? 
  12. What accessibility features are available throughout the community (like ramps, stair lifts, wider doors, etc.)? 
  13. How often are common areas cleaned? 
  14. What security measures are in place? 
  15. Do you offer transportation outside of the community for activities like running errands or going to doctor’s appointments? 
  16. What kind of meal services do you offer? 
  17. What fun or social activities do you offer? 
  18. When and how often can family visit? 
  19. What are the costs for living here? 
  20. Are there any other extra fees? If so, what are they? 

Bill's Story: Needing In-Home Alzheimer's Care and Beyond

Bill chose A Place At Home to help with his wife’s Alzheimer’s care. He needed in-home senior care but understood that when it came time to leave the home, A Place At Home’s senior living advisors were there for him to help him.

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Get Guidance from Compassionate Experts

Reach out to your local A Place At Home franchise office to find out the best senior housing alternatives near you.