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Elderly Fall Prevention

Falls are a common fear in older adults, but they are preventable with the right measures. Reduce risks and boost seniors’ confidence at home with elderly fall prevention and recovery care.

What Do Fall Prevention and Recovery Services Include?

At home caregivers can help intervene to prevent falls in older adults. At A Place At Home, our elderly fall prevention and recovery services include: 

Fall Prevention Tips for Seniors

For the elderly, fall prevention at home is an essential safety measure. While caregivers are a huge help for boosting at-home safety, there are many things seniors can do themselves to reduce their risk of falling.

The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) recommends:

Stay Safe at Home

A reliable caregiver can be the difference between a devastating fall and its prevention. If you are nervous about you or a loved one falling, be proactive. If a fall has already occurred, heal safely and prevent the risk of another fall and further injury.