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Parkinson's Care

Parkinson’s is a progressive, chronic disease that deeply affects diagnosed seniors and their family members. At A Place At Home, we believe that a Parkinson’s diagnosis does not have to mean a low quality of life for those living with the disease.

With the help of a professional caregiver committed to providing the highest standard of care, seniors living with Parkinson’s can lead fulfilling, engaging lives safely. We can help in your efforts to slow the progression of the disease and reduce the impact of symptoms on daily life at home.

What Does Our Parkinson’s Care Include?

Our compassionate, professional caregivers help seniors with Parkinson’s by providing:

Tips for Slowing Parkinson’s Progression

Parkinson’s symptoms can heavily affect a senior’s life, but there are many methods to alleviate these symptoms as much as possible. Scientists studying Parkinson’s have found that certain activities in a person’s daily lifestyle can help with symptoms and may also slow the advancement of the disease.

The Parkinson’s Foundation recommends: 

Don’t Deal With Parkinson’s Alone

Whether you or a loved one is dealing with a Parkinson’s diagnosis, you should not have to handle everything that comes with the disease on your own. Get help from a trusted, experienced Parkinson’s care professional in your area.