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Stroke Recovery Care

The aftermath of a stroke is a scary and complicated experience for older adults and their loved ones. Finding reliable help for stroke victims at home should not be an added burden.

Our specialized CARE services can help you determine and carry out the exact help your loved one needs to heal safely and peacefully in their own home. In the long run, we aim to empower stroke survivors to feel confident and independent in their lives and routines at home.

What Does Our Stroke Recovery Care Include?

At A Place At Home, we provide personalized stroke recovery care plans that include: 

Stroke Prevention and Recovery Tips for Seniors

After a stroke, the development of related conditions and fear of another stroke can be overwhelming for survivors and their family caregivers. Luckily, there are ways for loved ones and caregivers to identify and stop common problems and help the survivor’s recovery progress in the wake of a stroke.

The American Stroke Association recommends:

Stroke Recovery Is Within Your Reach

Help your loved one recover their independence with the assistance of a trained care professional you can count on. Reach out to your nearest A Place At Home location to get the support you and your loved one need to face this challenge confidently.