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Alzheimer's and Dementia Care

If your loved one is living with Alzheimer’s or dementia, our personalized CARE programs can help them remain in familiar surroundings as long as possible while giving you and other family caregivers respite. Our approach to in-home memory care ensures dignity and quality of life, and helps seniors maintain their independence. 

Caregiver pushing elderly man in wheelchair outdoors.

What Does Alzheimer’s and Dementia Care Include?

Our at-home care plans for seniors living with Alzheimer’s and dementia are designed to: 

Dallan's Story: Needing In-Home Alzheimer's Care and Beyond

After a tragic car accident left Dallan dealing with Lewy Body Dementia, his wife, Jenny, enlisted A Place At Home to support her in keeping him engaged and helping his mental health. See Dallan and Jenny’s CARE story below. 

Tips for Caregivers and Family Members of Seniors With Dementia recommends that caregivers and family members of those living with dementia help keep the senior they’re caring for safe, healthy, and engaged by: 

  • Keeping a daily routine in place as much as possible 
  • Creating a system of reminders for taking or administering medication 
  • Planning activities that bring them joy and trying to do them at the same times 
  • Building quiet time into their regular schedule 
  • Allowing the senior to contribute to their personal care as much as possible 
  • Serving meals in a consistent, familiar place 
  • Taking care to be gentle and respectful when giving instructions or explaining plans 
  • Reassuring the senior and speaking calmly when they are angry or confused 
  • Reminding the person of who you are if they don’t remember, without using demanding or demeaning language like “Don’t you remember?” 
  • Encouraging a two-way conversation whenever possible 
  • Keeping the senior active within the restraints of what they can safely do 
  • Taking a walk together each day if safely possible 
  • Buying a variety of healthy, nutritious foods that don’t take long to prepare 
  • Allowing the senior to make decisions and retain control of their life when possible 
  • Making sure the home is safe, removing hazards and ensuring sufficient lighting 
  • Taking care of yourself so you can take better care of them 
  • Starting legal and financial conversations about the future sooner rather than later, so the senior can participate fully and make decisions 

Manage Memory Care With Confidence

Help your loved one retain their independence and stay engaged in everyday life while dealing with dementia. Reach out to your local A Place At Home franchise office to start building a personalized Alzheimer’s and dementia CARE plan that fits your loved one’s needs.