Planting Trees as a Lasting Tribute Planting a tree in memory

Arbor Day holds special significance for not only our planet but also for A Place At Home and its many beloved clients and families. With our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, we are dedicated to enriching our community, while also honoring the lasting memory and legacy of our clients and families. 

Rooted in CARE

At A Place At Home, our philosophy is deeply rooted in CARE. We strive to be Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical with every interaction. These roots have allowed us to create a foundation of stability, nourishment, and support for the families we serve, past, present, and future. Our CARE standards are what drive our partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation and their “Trees in Memory” program.

Within our logo is the “Tree of Life” — a symbol that both A Place At Home and the Arbor Day Foundation hold near to their hearts. The Tree of Life represents a source of life, an expression of connection, and a symbol of ancestry and family. To celebrate Arbor Day, A Place At Home continues the memory and legacy of our clients that have passed away by planting a tree in their honor. Each tree planted serves as a living tribute that benefits present and future generations.

Planting a Lasting Tribute

Since May 2021, 620 trees have been planted in honor of our clients. These memorial trees will remain growing in Wallowa-Whitman National Forest, Superior National Forest, Chippewa National Forest, Custer-Gallatin National Forest, and Klamath National Forest. The trees stand as a permanent tribute to the families and clients who have touched our lives, serving as a testament to their lasting legacy.

Join in the celebration of life and nature by becoming a member of the Arbor Day Foundation. To learn more about their mission or to sign up, visit

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