Finding activities that keep seniors active in their daily lives can be challenging. Recent studies have shown how yoga can be beneficial for both the minds and bodies of aging adults. If you or a loved one are looking for low-impact, low-resistance exercise, consider taking a yoga class or learning the positions at home with a friend or family member.

Build Strength and Improve Balance or Mobility

We all know that falls are the leading cause of injury among aging adults. But did you know that the movements and poses taught in yoga can improve muscle strength and balance over time? Practicing yoga can save seniors from future falls; guaranteeing mobility for years to come.

Minimize hypertension and Protect Your Joints

Yoga is a low-impact exercise that aides with the lubrication of joints that may have become stiffer with age. Regular yoga can slow the onset of painful joint disorders like carpal tunnel syndrome or arthritis. One key element of yoga is breathing. Slow, controlled breathing accompanied by the proper movements and poses can decrease nervous system activity and even tackle high blood pressure rates associated with hypertension.

Sharpens Mind, Reduces Anxiety, Boosts Mood

Focusing on an activity like yoga allows seniors to achieve a certain level of mindfulness in their daily lives. When your mind and body work together to perform a pose, it is common to enter a calming state of relaxation. Take this opportunity to block out negative thoughts and feelings that complicate your ability to focus. You may notice a boosted mood following your workout, and the ability to carry this focus into other activities in your life outside of yoga.

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