Something I’ve been thinking a lot about lately is how our A Place at Home Caregivers are so much more than CNAs or CMAs to our clients. They do so much more than provide cares, clean up messes, or run errands.

Our Caregivers are friends. A friendly smile in someone’s possibly lonely day. A light in someone’s life. A caring person who genuinely loves their client.

Recently I posed a question to our Caregivers asking for a special moment they’ve had with our clients that didn’t include providing cares. The responses came pouring in:

“I say prayers with my clients at bedtime.”

“I cooked my favorite breakfast for him and he loved it.”

“We went to garage sales and Goodwill and he (client) had such a good time. Couldn’t stop laughing and smiling.”

“Sometimes we just stare at each other and bust up laughing.”

“I was told by a client that I’m his best friend.”

Most of the responses I received ended with, “this is why I love my job!”  It takes a very special person to be a Caregiver, and we’re so lucky to have those kinds of employees on our APH team.

I interviewed a young woman yesterday who recently received her CNA license. She could not stop smiling. She was so excited for the opportunity to interview for the position. She told stories about people she has cared for in the past, and her passion shone through her voice. Her smile wouldn’t quit.

We’re so proud to have these Caregivers on our staff and the next time you see one of our team members, thank them. Thank them for providing such great above-and-beyond care for your loved ones.

I’m happy to say that the highlight of my day today will be calling that young woman and offering her a spot on the APH team. I’ll be just as excited as she will.

Leigh Chaves is A Place at Home’s Recruitment and Retention Specialist. This means that Leigh spends her days hiring and keeping our Caregivers happy.  She is on the front line of making sure we hire qualified, passionate and caring people to take care of our clients. This month, she reflects on how important our Caregivers are in the lives of those we care for.


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