Caregiver Studying to be Neurosurgeon: Marcos Lopez

Marcos Lopez was named caregiver of the month for December.

Moving from Grand Island, Nebraska to Omaha in 2017, Marcos began his field of study in neuroscience, minoring in Physics and Chemistry at the University of Nebraska-Omaha.

Marcos’ family doesn’t come from a medical background, but his father did inspire him to always be curious. “He said it’s good to learn a little about everything. He liked to help people. It didn’t matter what it was. He was always trying to help someone else out,” said Marcos.

Since 2018, Marcos has been impacting the lives of our clients by helping them age gracefully in the comfort of their own home. His three years of education have made him a very effective professional caregiver, but it will also aid him in how he approaches his future patients as a Neurosurgeon

“I like all my clients. They say interesting things sometimes and it sticks. I go to classes or other shifts and use what I learn. They also tell me to live my life and enjoy every moment.”

Students in the medical field working as caregivers are perhaps some of the most prepared professionals in the field. Marcos advised his peers to also consider becoming a caregiver. “It’s good to get out there and work anything medical. I know people that haven’t worked in this field and they try to get into med school, and they won’t let them since they don’t have the experience, or they end up not liking the work.”

Balancing a work and class schedule is hard, especially in a challenging program like neuroscience. Marcos said it’s helped him learn to manage his time better. “Med school is not easy. There’s a lot to do but [A Place At Home] is really flexible so I can decide what time I can work and then make sure I get studying done for school.”

Marcos enjoys his job as a caregiver, sharing, “I think that everyone deserves to live their life without an obstacle stopping them. I think its good to be able to help them out so they can live their life.”

Are you a student looking for an opportunity to gain more experience in the healthcare industry? Consider becoming a caregiver and apply to join our team today.