May 6th 2021 – National Nurses Day

May 6th, 2021, is National Nurses Day – the start of National Nurses Week.

Dorothy Sutherland called for a day to recognize nurses in 1953. At the time, Nurses Week was in October, in commemoration of Florence Nightingale’s mission in Crimea. “National Recognition Day for Nurses” was changed to May 6th in 1981. This day kicks off a week of celebrating nurses for the contributions they make each day in their communities. 

The Covid-19 pandemic has been an especially poignant reminder of the energy and sacrifices nurses make each day to care for those in need. 

The first of the frontline workers over the last year, Nurses Day and Week is a perfect time to thank a nurse in your community. Several organizations are showing their support for nurses this year by offering discounts and deals throughout the week:

  • Dunkin’ Donuts: May 6th, nurses can get a free medium hot or iced coffee at participating locations.
  • Chipotle: Now through May 31st, the restaurant chain is gifting free burritos to healthcare workers. You can place an order here.
  • Under Armor: The clothing line offers 40% off online and in-store purchases for nurses and others working in healthcare through May 9th. Visit their website, and confirm your identity here
  • GO-Clip: This company sells mask clips that attach to hats or other headwear. Through Nurses Week, use the promo code GONURSES to get two mask clips when you purchase one. 

Whether in schools, hospitals, clinics, or the home, each day in the community, a nurse can be found making an impact. 

At A Place At Home, our nurses provide a necessary service – Care Coordination, helping clients and families navigate an often complex healthcare system. Not only that, but they develop personalized care plans to help keep seniors in their homes longer and oversee a team of caregivers. Our nurses ensure that each client receives the compassionate and professional care that they need and deserve. 

Whether they are caring for children in schools, patients in hospitals, in the home, or those in hospice care, nurses make a difference in thousands of lives each day. This year, take a moment to thank a nurse in your life. If you or someone you love can benefit from Care Coordination or any of our other senior-focused services, reach out to us today. We would be honored to help.