A Place At Home Partners with Arbor Day Foundation to Provide Trees in Memory

Arbor Day Foundation Trees in Memory

A Place At Home joined the Arbor Day Foundation in a unique partnership to provide ‘Trees in Memory.’ Trees represent a powerful meaning to the A Place At Home Franchise brand and this partnership strengthens that connection through the ‘Trees in Memory’ program.

The co-founders of A Place At Home developed a logo with a deeper purpose. “We wanted a symbol that represents the strength, stability, and nourishment we bring to seniors and their families. The tree in our logo, is known as “the tree of life.” It serves as a reminder that we are deeply rooted in our C.A.R.E. philosophy and will provide Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical care to those we serve,” said Dustin Distefano, CEO of A Place At Home.

The Arbor Day Foundation was founded in Nebraska as was A Place At Home. “This partnership just seems natural. Not only are our services rooted in CARE, but when those we have cared for are gone, we plant trees in honor of them through the Arbor Day Foundation. The life of those we’ve served have meant something of significance to us and this small gesture will carry on their memory for future generations to provide a symbol of lasting peace and comfort,” said Jerod Evanich, President of A Place At Home.

A Place At Home has franchises nationwide that participate in the ‘Trees in Memory’ program. The trees planted serve as a living tribute that benefits present and future generations. The memorial trees are planted in National Forests. They provide long-term benefits such as cleaner air and water as well as the restoration of natural habitat. A Place At Home Franchise is proud of this unique partnership that will also make an impact on the environment.

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