A Place at Home: Strongly Rooted, Dedicated to CARE

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Trees hold significant symbolism which represents our strong dedication to compassionate care for seniors in our community. The Tree of Life concept spans multiple schools of thought, running through art, religion, and literature.

In essence, the Tree of Life represents the intertwining of all living things. At A Place at Home, we believe in extending our branches to the senior community – giving them a continuum of loving care throughout the aging process.

Our Mission: Caring for the Family Tree of Life

Like others, we see beautiful, enduring trees as a symbol of the vitality of life, connecting those that came before us, and those that will carry on after we are gone. The tree brings to mind the idea of generations of families and ancestors. It stands for strength, stability, and nourishment.

The term family tree is so appropriate—like natural trees, its branches grow and extend. The leaves rustling in the wind appear similar, yet each has its own uniqueness and texture. Deep roots keep the tree stable and extract nutrients from the earth, helping it to develop, grow, repair and renew. We are devoted to developing the best care plan for our seniors and renewing hope for families.

For A Place at Home Senior Care, Trees Carry Powerful Meaning

The care that we provide to families and seniors in need are the roots supporting the family system–at a time when the added strength is most needed. For us, dedicated senior care is a means to help nourish the lives of loved ones, assisting families when they can’t do it all themselves. We believe that caring, above all else, is the path to ensuring generations can live on, through past, present and future, with hope and happiness.

From Symbolism to Imagery: Our Tree Logo and Living Memorials

The A Place At Home tree represents our commitment to improving the lives of all that we serve. Our devotion to the seniors we care for continues even after they have passed away. In their loving memory and honor,  we plant a tree through the Arbor Day Foundation. The newly planted tree memorializes the family’s loved one forever, living on to provide future generations an enduring symbol of lasting peace and comfort.

A Place at Home is rooted in CARE.

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