International Nurse Day 2018

International Nurse Day is May 12, 2020. Nurses are an integral part of our lives in general and here at A Place At Home, but often we don’t think about them until there’s an immediate need. In the moment of an emergency, we rely on nurses to care for us, answer questions, and provide us with compassionate care. How often are we thinking of our nurses outside of those emergency situations?

International Nurse Day – A Day to Celebrate all the great nurses in our lives

Sure, we thank them in the moment, but do they receive our thanks the rest of the year? On International Nurse Day; a reminder to show our appreciation for the care they provide. International Nurse Day became recognized by the White House in 1974; 21 years after the idea was initially proposed. The date of observance was chosen to commemorate Florence Nightingale’s birthday, the founder of modern nursing.

Nursing is of course a career that these professionals voluntarily chose, but what a compassionate profession to choose! It takes a special person to give their all to care for people every day, and these people deserve to be commended.

Here are some ways you can show your appreciation:

  1. A simple ‘Thank You’ goes a long way! Especially if it’s out of the blue
  2. Omaha business owner? Offer a discount for those hard-working nurses that use your services!
  3. Drop off Starbucks cards at your local hospital or nursing home for a little pick-me-up during the 12-hour shifts
  4. Crafty kids? Handmade crafts or drawings can put a smile on any nurse’s face
  5. Volunteer at your local senior care facility or nursing home. Have the residents make cookies and distribute to the nurses
  6. Send catered lunch to the hospital. Short on cash? Bring extra veggies from your garden for an afternoon shift break
  7. Don’t forget about nurses in home care; they deserve special thanks as well!

There are plenty ways to show these individuals your appreciation. For more info about International Nurse Day, visit


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