Before I was in the home care business, my grandparents used home care.

It wasn’t until last week that I realized they used A Place at Home. While looking up my profile on our computer system, my mom’s name also came up, and that led me on a very rewarding search through records one afternoon.

My grandparents have both passed away, and the daily memories I get from them usually come in passing from the pictures I have on my refrigerator. Reading their care notes last week brought both joy and sadness, but the feeling that gave me the most comfort, was the Caregiver’s compassion shown to them evidenced by the careful recording of the notes.

The amazing thing is that, had I not known who these care notes were about, I’d bet money that they were about my grandparents. That’s how detailed APH’s caregivers are when it comes to caring for and documenting the care of our clients.

“R finished 25% of her dinner and 100% of her dessert.” 

“R went to bed at 9:00 but A stayed up to watch the baseball game in the den.”

“For breakfast, A had toast with orange marmalade.”

“R visited with friends and was on the phone most of the day.” 

These notes were totally my grandparents.

Another thing I appreciated, was reading the email communications between our CEO and my mom. He checked up on them often to make sure her parents were receiving top-notch quality care.

When talking to our CEO, Dustin, I mentioned finding my grandparents’ care notes in the system. Even though they were only clients for about three weeks, three years ago, Dustin remembered exactly who I was talking about. With the hundreds of clients APH serves, he was able to say with confidence that he remembered they lived in a two-bedroom apartment over on 90th and Western, that APH provided 24-hour care, and that R was a very sweet lady.

Those are truly caring qualities of a CEO and employees. As the recruitment specialist, I do a lot of Caregiver interviews. Many applicants are well-qualified.  But my deciding factor in hiring, is asking myself if I would put this applicant with my loved one.

I’m so glad to know that when my grandparents needed care, it was through A Place at Home; I wouldn’t have chosen any other company or Caregivers for that task.

– Leigh Chaves, A Place at Home Recruitment and Retention Specialist

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