How do you know what type of care at a senior living community is the best fit for you or a loved one?

It can be confusing when you first seek out senior living alternatives.  Many prospective residents make this move from their home, but others are coming from the hospital, or more likely, rehabilitation centers.  Everyone has a different story.

If you or someone you know is making the move, this does not necessarily mean that this should be made straight to an independent community.  If driving is a concern, most communities offer transportation.  However, if you also need assistance with bathing, toileting, dressing, grooming, etc., then assisted living is probably the best option.

Each community offers apartments with a base rent plus a care plan otherwise known as ADLs (Activities of Daily Living).  These ADLs will be added to the resident’s care plan.  Each prospective resident is assessed usually within a couple of weeks before moving in.  Once the assessment is completed, the community will go over the ADLs and what that additional cost will be.

If you are assisting someone who needs memory support, there are some things to consider.  There are assisted living community options that have a separate secured memory unit and there are communities that are secured and can support assisted and memory.  There are also some communities that are equipped for memory only.

If you are seeking a community for someone that is only having slight memory issues, then assisted living may be the way to go.  However, it’s a good idea to make sure that the community has memory support for when that time comes.  Many memory units or memory communities often offer an all-inclusive price.  They will still have someone from the community do an assessment before the move, but it will be solely to determine what ADLs that the resident will need.  Either way, the price will be the same.

If you or someone you know is seeking a senior living community, please call me so that I can be your senior living concierge.  The Senior Living Alternatives service is always free to families, and our knowledge of the various options and communities that might best fit your situation can be a huge time saver while providing you with the peace of mind that you or your loved one will receive the care they need.


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