Franchise Industries: Fastest Growing Sectors to Invest in Today

Franchise Industries: Fastest Growing Sectors to Invest in Today

Certain franchise industries show signs of faster growth compared with others. Learn what they are and what fuels their growth today and for the future.

1. Health and Fitness

The health and fitness sector thrives as people increasingly prioritize personal well-being. This industry includes gyms, wellness centers, and nutrition-focused stores. Studies show that more than 60 million people go to the gym in the U.S. While these types of franchises benefit from a recurring customer base, they can face challenges during economic downturns. When people’s wallets tighten, they turn to at-home workouts and DIY self-care.

2. Fast-Casual Dining

Fast-casual dining is one of the fastest-growing segments in the restaurant industry, known for combining convenience with quality. This sector is great at adapting to current trends, such as online ordering and delivery, making it one of the top-growing franchises. Restaurant franchises come with hefty investments and ongoing operating costs because of the space required, employees, and inventory.

3. Childcare and Education

With the increasing number of working parents, the demand for reliable childcare and educational programs is higher than ever. Additionally, there’s a decrease in in-home care providers, so parents must use childcare facilities, including franchises, instead. While this franchise industry offers promising growth, it also comes with a substantial investment and high staffing turnover. Daycare workers and teachers are leaving their jobs at a high rate. If parents notice this happening at a facility, they’ll often leave or not attend.

4. Automotive Services

With cars becoming increasingly more expensive and lacking stock, people want to make their cars last longer, making an automotive services franchise an intriguing sector. There’s a steady call for maintenance, repair, and specialized services, allowing entrepreneurs to capitalize on this ongoing demand. But it’s not all smooth driving — franchise industries like automotive can come with their set of challenges, like the need for constant updates on technology and tools to keep up with automotive advancements, which can hike up operational costs. Additionally, depending on the types of services you offer, if there’s a dip in the economy, people will defer any non-critical vehicle repairs.

5. Home Services

The home services sector is a broad industry that covers everything from lawn maintenance or cleaning to remodeling or remediation. The industry is in demand due to the rise in home prices and the lack of supply. People are looking to stay in their homes longer, so instead of buying, they’re remodeling. Plus, services like HVAC repairs or mold remediation are necessary. Home service franchises are often home-based, from cabinet refinishing to lawn care. This decreases initial investment costs but makes them an owner-operator model. You’ll need to be okay with doing the hands-on work of the business, such as laying flooring or painting.

6. Senior In-Home Care

Amid the rapidly aging population, with 10,000 people turning 65 in the U.S. every day, and the prioritization of aging in place, the demand for in-home care services is surging. Unlike other health services, the home care industry offers essential assistance that supports the quality of life for our older loved ones, making it a fulfilling investment. While caregiver turnover can be challenging, and there are state and local regulations to navigate, partnering with a reputable franchise that will support you through it all makes investing in this booming industry worth it.

Choose Senior Care with A Place At Home

When considering the fastest-growing franchises, the $1.28 billion senior in-home care market should be at the top of your list. Compared to other industries, senior in-home care offers unique advantages, such as being more recession-resistant, because it’s an essential service for the aging population. Plus, it’s poised for growth as technological advancements help more seniors age independently at their homes for longer.

Comparing franchises within this industry, A Place At Home offers a comprehensive opportunity. We go beyond just offering in-home care. Our franchisees benefit from multiple revenue streams, including care coordination, senior living alternatives, and staffing solutions. As an A Place At Home franchisee, you’ll join a community dedicated to upholding the highest standards of integrity and quality care for seniors while focusing on your growth and success as a franchise owner.

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A Place At Home Sells First Corporate-Owned Location to Local Franchisee

Omaha-based A Place At Home is now 100% franchisee-owned.

The day before the 2nd Annual A Place At Home Franchise Convention, A Place At Home Franchise sold its original Omaha location to Papillion franchisees, Rick and Kris Perkins.

“I can’t think of a better match for our Omaha-location than Kris and Rick. They won our 2020 Rookie of the Year award at this year’s convention, they’ve cared about the seniors of our community for a long time, and I am completely confident in their ability to take over Omaha operations. The staff loves them, we love them, it was a perfect match,” said Dustin Distefano, CEO and Co-Founder of A Place At Home.

Rick is a former counselor and manager who spent 20 years with Child and Adult Protective Services. He also served as Program Coordinator for the Juvenile Assessment Center. Kris is a former 911 dispatcher and EMT. She also worked in sales and deployment roles for Motorola Solutions, Inc., where she deployed public safety software across the United States. This husband-and-wife team has been running the Papillion franchise location for over a year now.

“Helping seniors age in their own homes has become a passion for us, and the Omaha team has been so wonderful to work with during this transition,” Kris says.

“We understand enlisting the help of professionals to care for loved ones is a tough decision to make,” said Rick. “We want the Omaha community to know we’ll treat your family like we’d treat our own family. And we want to ease the stress of the transition to an assisted living community when the time comes.”

The Papillion franchise office is located at 10791 S. 72nd St., Suite #104, and serves Bellevue, Offutt, Ralston, Chalco, La Vista, Council Bluffs, and Center Lake. The Perkins will establish the new Omaha location at 9829 S 168th Ave, Suite A in 2021. They will also have a central satellite office at Terrace Plaza, 11414 W Center Rd. They will also serve Elkhorn, Fremont, Blair, Wahoo, and Gretna and the Iowa communities of Council Bluffs, Crescent, and Glenwood.

To A Place At Home co-founders, Jerod Evanich and Dustin Distefano, awarding franchises to the right people is an important part of fulfilling their mission:

“To be passionate professionals providing the compassionate care solutions you need, when and where you need us.”

If you or someone you love needs care in their home, contact us today!