Caregiver of the Month

“I’ve never been so welcomed and so loved and so touched since working for A Place At Home,” said Caregiver of the Month, TyNesha Otis, who joined the A Place At Home CARE team in May.

Before joining A Place At Home as a caregiver, TyNesha was previously in childcare. Her entire family worked in childcare and she recalled helping her mom babysit. “She used to ask, ‘TyNesha, help me with this or that.’ It kind of became my job.”

TyNesha has four children of her own now including a set of twins. She decided to get her CNA last year saying that jumping from childcare to senior care was just a reverse role. “They depend on us. I make sure they’re dressed and fed.” TyNesha added, “I was driven to get my CNA. And I did it. And I turned around and got my medical assistant certification too.”

She’s enjoyed the transition to caring for seniors. She smiled and said, “They make me laugh. I love working with the elderly and being there for them makes my day go a little bit smoother. It just gets better and better.”

Becoming a Caregiver

Every caregiving case is different and it’s hard to know how to prepare but TyNesha makes sure to take her time and listen. She advised anyone new to caregiving to help your client as much as you can without taking over. “If they are trying to work hard on something, give them that space. Ask them if they need help instead of helping because you’re taking away their independence. Help them along. Don’t just try to do everything for them. Guide them. If they can’t do it help them, don’t let them struggle. They need love too.”

TyNesha works with three regular clients, plus she picks up extra shifts when other caregivers callout. “I work while the kids are at school and if they’re busy after school I’ll pick up other shifts.” Dani Sloan, HR Director at A Place At Home – Omaha, commended TyNesha for stepping up to the plate when they needed her to fill a shift. “She’s been amazing and so reliable. Our clients love her, and we love working with her,” said Dani.

Compassionate Care Starts Here

At A Place At Home senior care, we know that our in-home caregivers make us great. Our careful hiring practices and high standards ensure that seniors receive compassionate, reliable assistance with the activities of daily life. Our senior support services are planned around the senior’s individual needs – and designed to maintain their dignity and independence. A Place at Home caregivers genuinely enjoy caring for others. Together, we work to provide each senior the opportunity to live their best life. Apply now or contact us to inquire about becoming a caregiver with us.


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