Caregiver of the month Jojo Agbeve has been in Omaha for just two years.

She’s been with A Place At Home for about seven months. Originally from Maryland, Jojo moved here with her parents, who wanted a quieter life. She’s currently a nursing student and works as a CNA and CMA for A Place At Home. Her goal of nursing stems from watching her mother, who is also a nurse.

“I’ve always loved medicine.”

We spoke a bit about her ambition to be a nurse and where she thinks she’ll work once she graduates. Her interest is in psychiatric nursing, though she says she doesn’t want to work in a facility or community setting. She appreciates working in homes with seniors, stating, “In facilities, you don’t have time to build a personal connection with your patients. When I’m working in the home, I’m like a guest in your home who’s there to help.”

Jojo prefers to be a caregiver where she can make that connection with her clients.

Jojo started with APAH just as Covid-19 was ramping up here in Omaha. She shared that at first, she was scared but soon took the position that none of it was in her hands. She said she’s just grateful to be a frontline worker, pointing out that there are many people out there who lost their jobs or weren’t able to work. The seniors she’s been serving have been at the forefront of her mind the entire time. “I just think, if this is scary for me, what are my clients feeling?”

She shared a story about a particular client who she helped last minute to get him to the grocery store during a snowstorm just before Christmas. Once in her car, they realized that they enjoy the same music. He told her that he didn’t get to see his family at Thanksgiving because of the pandemic and that sharing that time with her, jamming to the same music, really made him feel better about things.

At A Place At Home, we honor and value that empathy in our care team. It’s no wonder that Jojo is Caregiver of the Month. As far as working at A Place At Home, Jojo shares that she likes it a lot. She appreciates the flexible scheduling and takes ownership of her role and how significant it is.

“We are the face of A Place At Home – we represent the company.”

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