Caregiver of the Month Alex Swanson didn’t start her college career thinking she would be working in senior care.

Majoring in Math with a minor in Business and French at UNO, Alex stays busy, studying hard and preparing for a future in data science. When she started classes, her roommate, Maddie, worked in senior care as a caregiver for A Place At Home. Maddie had been caring regularly for a long-term client. When the time came for Maddie to transfer to a different school, she had reservations about leaving. That’s when she approached Alex about applying with A Place At Home to take over caring for her client. At the time, Alex had been looking for a part-time job to make some money over the summer. That was two years ago, and Alex is still caring for the same woman every week. She’s a regular caregiver for another client, as well.

“It’s impossible now to think that it was just going to be a summer job.”

While Alex didn’t initially see herself working in senior care, she said that she was intrigued when Maddie first approached her. She shared that she didn’t have grandparents close to her, and she welcomed the opportunity to learn from an older generation. Her experience so far? Incredibly rewarding. “You care about their well-being so much that it feels like they’re your family.” Though she does admit, it can be emotionally taxing, especially when the person you’re caring about is having a bad day. Even so, the bond that’s been built between her and her clients is something Alex loves. She can anticipate what their needs are before they even have to ask her for something.

“I had no idea – you make a difference for them, but they really make a difference for you.”

Regarding her employment with A Place At Home, Alex is thankful that everyone is so accommodating about her schedule as a full-time student. “I can’t imagine any other job that would get me through college that I would love this much.” Her advice for new caregivers coming into the field? “Expect to get attached to people.”

Be aware of their kindness and the fact that you are a stranger that is being welcomed into their home.

Alex says that it will be hard for her to leave A Place At Home when she graduates. She expects in the future that she will find herself working with seniors again, likely on a volunteer basis. Working in senior care was unexpected, but she says now, “It felt like fate.”

If you or someone you know is looking for a rewarding career, apply with us today. It may be one of the most rewarding things you do!

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