A Place at Home Awarded 2019 Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice

OMAHA, NE – A Place at Home has received the 2019 Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice Award from Home Care Pulse. The Employer of Choice Award is granted only to the top-ranking home care providers, based on caregiver satisfaction scores gathered by Home Care Pulse, an independent satisfaction research firm for home care. A Place at Home is ranked among the best employers of in-home caregivers in the region.

“We congratulate A Place at Home on earning the Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice Award,” says Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse. “Since this award is based on employee feedback, it shows the dedication A Place at Home has to provide their employees with great working experience while ensuring clients have well-trained, compassionate caregivers.”

Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice award-winning providers work with Home Care Pulse to gather feedback from their caregivers via live phone interviews each month. Because Home Care Pulse is an independent company, it is able to collect honest and unbiased feedback.

“We are honored to receive the Employer of Choice award for the fourth year in a row. Our caregivers are the backbone of our company, which is why they are our number one priority. We ensure they have the tools and support they need to succeed in providing top-notch service to our clients,” says Dustin Distefano, CEO & Co-Founder of A Place at Home.

In addition to receiving Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice for the fourth year in a row, A Place at Home also recently won the Best of Omaha 2019 award in the Non-Medical Home Health category.

“Our goal at Home Care Pulse is to empower home care businesses to provide the best home care possible,” says Erik Madsen, CEO of Home Care Pulse. “We are happy to recognize A Place at Home as a Best of Home Care – Employer of Choice, and we celebrate their accomplishments in building a team of happy, qualified caregivers to care for their clients.”

About A Place at Home

Co-founded in 2012 by Dustin Distefano and Jerod Evanich, A Place at Home saught to improve senior-focused care. Both Distefano and Evanich had personal experiences with their own loved ones, and they understand first-hand how challenging it can be to provide quality care without proper planning and necessary resources.

Over a lunch meeting, the two co-founders developed the initial concept for A Place at Home; a service designed to promote independence and adapt to the needs of seniors and their families. Today, A Place at Home provides home-based care, care coordination, senior living alternatives, and staffing for the senior community. If you are looking for services for you or a loved one, we are here to help. Get in touch with us today!

When Clients Become Family: Katy Curlis

Katy Curlis has been named A Place at Home’s December Caregiver of the Month. For the past three years, she has dedicated her life to being a caregiver.

Katy always knew that she wanted to make a difference in her community, but had originally pursued a career in Early Childhood Development.

“I was close to getting my degree in early childhood development when I did some work with seniors. I loved hearing their stories, and just really connected with them. After that, I made the decision to switch over from child development to senior care,” Katy expressed.

During her time with A Place at Home, Katy formed an unbreakable bond with her client, Bill. After three years of working with Bill, he and his family became like family to Katy.

Katy and Bill had fun little rituals like going to get ice cream. She loved seeing how happy it made him. And when he struggled to get out of the house, she would bring him his favorite ice cream.

“I just loved making his day even with just a small gesture like getting ice cream. It’s the little things that make a big difference,” Katy said.

Katy’s close relationship with Bill made it even more difficult when she received the news of his passing.

“The family called me to tell me, ‘he’s passing, come quickly’,” Katy said. “Afterwards, it was really hard. I had prepared myself. I knew that he was going downhill, and in senior care, it’s unfortunately inevitable that clients may eventually pass away, but that didn’t make it any easier [losing him].”

To this day, Katy still keeps in contact with Bill’s family. “They will have always have a special place in my heart,” Katy expressed.

While Katy has worked for a few other in-home care agencies, she says that A Place at Home is by far her favorite.

“A Place at Home just has a better set-up. I get along with the office staff, they are easy to talk to and very supportive. And most of all, compatibility is super important to them. They do a great job pairing clients with the right caregivers,” said Katy.

A Place at Home: Trust Us for Compassionate Senior Care

At A Place at Home senior care, we know that our in-home caregivers make us great. Our careful hiring practices and high standards ensure that seniors receive compassionate, reliable assistance with the activities of daily life. Our senior support services are planned around elderly individuals’ specific needs – and designed to maintain their dignity and independence. A Place at Home caregivers genuinely enjoy caring for others. Together, we work to provide each senior the opportunity to live their best life. Apply now or contact us to inquire about becoming a caregiver with us.

Caregivers: Here’s How to Lighten Your Load in the New Year

It’s an irrefutable fact: you cannot be a caregiver for others unless you first take care of yourself. To ensure that next year brings you and your elderly loved ones true happiness, resolve to incorporate self-care into your daily lives. Staying healthy is one of the best gifts you can give your family, because it allows you to be a better, stronger and more supportive, spouse, sibling, parent and/or child, to those you love, including your senior parents.

Become a Stronger, More Capable Caregiver–by Prioritizing Self Care

Keep energy-sapping stress in check with these self-care tips:   

Guard Your Health

You need to be resilient to deal with life’s challenges successfully. So make it a priority to deal with any health concerns you may be struggling with, both physical and emotional/mental. See your physician if you haven’t lately, and address issues like pre-diabetes, extra weight, high cholesterol or poor eating habits. Similarly, seek care for depression or other mental health challenges in your life.

You may need to take an exercise class (for shaping up with peer support) or start walking to a chosen local landmark every day. You may need to look for alternative foods to improve your health, such as those lower in fat or sugar. Write down the necessary steps and schedule time to work towards health goals daily. Simply work towards a better you, for a short while each day. If you walk solo, listen to an audio book or your favorite music as you walk. Consider this an important meeting, or a date with yourself/for yourself, so your new habits won’t fall by the wayside.

Sleep Well and Deeply

Sleep hygiene can help you feel more rested, calm and ready for any caregiver issues that come your way. Sleep in a comfortable bed, in a dark, quiet room. Don’t eat, drink coffee or do computer work within four hours of bedtime. Consider creating a pre-bedtime ritual to wind down daily. Like drinking a cup of chamomile tea and/or reading a (not too exciting) book before bed. Getting a bit more exercise each day can make getting to sleep at night easier.

Journal (write down) your problems, and then literally close the book on them, so you can sleep peacefully without ruminating. Note at least one thing you’re grateful for each day. (You need not do this right before bed.) Go to bed at the same time (and wake at the same time) all week to establish a routine.

Indulge Yourself a Little Each Day

Taking some “me time” can do wonders for your overall energy level, helping you to feel calm and in control, so you can bounce back from adversity, make the most of opportunities and be a stellar caregiver. Schedule a few minutes daily, a few hours weekly, a day now and then, and a week-long vacation (or stay-cation) a few times per year. Take a yoga class, learn to meditate, go for massages or mani-pedis, play tennis or squash—do what you enjoy on a regular basis! Go solo or include a supportive, fun friend or spouse. Go to a museum, movie, play, art class. fishing, playing cards—anything to relax and expand your horizons in a care-free way.

Enjoy Time with Elderly Parents or Senior Relatives

If you normally spend most of your time with these folks dealing with serious issues or being the caregiver, set some of that aside. Make sure some of your get-togethers are just for fun. Enjoy your time together and make memories. In fact, you can forge an even better relationship with your parent(s) than you had in the past if you take time for fun shared activities and/or real conversations. Do some of the “indulge yourself” activities with mom or dad!

9 Tips For Reducing Senior Loneliness During The Holidays

During the holidays, seniors often feel alone and isolated. Many get depressed during the holidays, and such feelings can be more pronounced due to losing friends and other older relatives due to the passage of time. If you think your older loved ones are feeling depressed this holiday season, here are a few ways you can help.

Remind Them That They Matter

Many seniors feel forgotten during the holiday season and may feel they no longer matter or have any importance to their family. Assure a senior family member that they do matter by making them a part of holiday activities.


Part of reducing loneliness is the willingness to listen. Not all conversations or topics will be positive ones. Allow your senior family members to discuss the things that are distressing them. Simply listening and being empathetic can allow them to address these issues and feel better about their life and its current state of affairs.

Send A Card

While traditional mail is not as widely used as it once was, holiday cards are an important part of many family holiday traditions. Sadly, as people age, many cards contain depressing news and the number of cards received go down for various reasons. By sending more upbeat and positive cards, you can improve the overall mood of their mail and help keep a tradition ongoing.

Focus On Togetherness

Your holiday plans don’t need to be overly extravagant or focused on large parties, shopping, or large dinners to have an impact. For many seniors, they can’t participate in holiday events like they once did. By focusing on togetherness and the emotional importance of the season, you make them a part of it while staying focused on what really matters.


If your senior loved ones live in a long-term care facility, make it a point to get involved during the holidays. Involve yourself in any planned activities the facility may have and bring younger family members to visit. Seeing younger members of the family is often a very uplifting experience for older relatives.

Arrange Gatherings

During the holidays, reach out to your loved one’s friends and arrange a special gathering. This doesn’t have to be an extravagant or expensive event. Even a simple get together is very valuable as it renews old friendships. Be sure to keep any special healthcare or aging-related needs in mind to make sure the event goes smoothly.

Spiritual Support

Another aspect not to overlook is their spiritual well-being. Check with your loved one’s preferred local religious institution as most offer support for those who are depressed or lonely during the holidays. Most are also willing to visit seniors in care facilities if such a visit is required.

Help Decorate

Help your older relatives decorate their homes for the holidays. Whether it’s their personal home or room at a care facility, bringing out prized decorations and the simple joy of decorating can brighten up the holidays.

Caring Is The Most Important Thing

The most important thing you can do to reduce seniors loneliness during the holidays is simply caring. It doesn’t matter what the activity is, just by simply being there and including them in holiday events, you’ve made their holiday better.

When reaching out to your older loved ones, remember the effort itself is the most important part. Taking time out of your busy holiday schedule to involve older members of your family in holiday events is what truly matters, not the size of the event itself.

Caring Heart: Chikodili Enendu

Chikodili Enendu has been named A Place at Home’s November Caregiver of the Month.

She recently became a caregiver with A Place at Home a few months back, but in that time, she has gone above and beyond to give her clients the best care possible.

While Chiko has only been with A Place at Home a short time, she is no stranger to caring for others. She dedicated a large portion of her childhood serving as a family caregiver to her senior relatives.

“While my mom was at work, I would step in and take care of my elderly relatives—bringing them to doctors appointments, walking with them, doing chores and laundry for them,” Chiko said.

Caring for her elders blossomed her passion for helping others, which led to her pursuing a bachelor’s degree in human services at the University of Baltimore. 

Working as a caregiver for A Place at Home has allowed Chiko the ability to expand her skills. 

“I am always looking to sharpen my skills so that I can take everything I learn as a caregiver and apply it to my future endeavors,” Chiko said. 

Chiko is currently working towards a masters degree in social work. “I would love to do clinical social work—working in the hospital. I want to counsel them and ultimately discover better ways to serve patients,” Chiko expressed.

Chiko also aspires to eventually own her own business in the human services field. We are certain that with all of Chiko’s drive and ambitions, she will continue to serve the community for years to come with her caring heart.

Become A Caregiver

A Place at Home caregivers genuinely enjoy caring for others. Together, we work to provide each senior the opportunity to live their best life. Apply now or contact us to inquire about becoming a caregiver with us.

A Place at Home Awarded Best of Omaha

Omaha, NE, November 8, 2018: A Place at Home, a company that specializes in many different areas of home-based senior care and assistance with alternative living options, has won the Best of Omaha 2019 award in the “Non-Medical Home Health” category.

The Best of Omaha award is an annual contest hosted by Omaha Magazine. Since 1992, Best of Omaha evaluates locally based businesses in over 300 categories, involving individual voters as opposed to advertisers. Every year, more than 900 businesses are nominated, with over 25,000 individual ballots casted. The vote count totals over 637,400 every year.

As a provider of comprehensive senior care services in Omaha and surrounding areas, A Place At Home makes it easier for seniors to age gracefully at home and to make any necessary transitions to assisted living. The company works closely with families, seniors, and medical providers to develop the best plan for aging seniors. From providing in-home care to discussing senior living alternatives, A Place at Home reduces the uncertainty, anxiety, and stress associated with senior care.

“Here at A Place at Home we live by the statement We are CARE – Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical, this award shows that we have a great care team and office staff that truly is passionate about their everyday job. This is all about them,” said Dustin Distefano, APAH CEO & Co-Founder.

The competitive Home Health Care category contained other quality senior care providers, but voters recognized the compassion, accountability, and attention to detail that A Place At Home provides to every person they work with. Because of these qualities, the company has also won the Employer Choice Award by Home Care Pulse for three years in a row.

“We attribute this success to the various caregivers, as well as the clients and their families who work with us every day,” Nick Bohunis, Staffing Services Coordinator. It is this individual attention to the needs of their clients that makes A Place at Home truly stand out.

Today, the company provides a wide range of services related to senior living and home-based care. From providing staffing options for assisted living homes to coordinating in-home services for the elderly, the company specializes in easing the burden of care planning for seniors and their families.

A Place at Home is proud to have won the 2019 Best of Omaha Award in the Home Health Agency category. The award will serve to motivate the staff, management, and clients of the company as they strive to become even better in the future.

About A Place at Home

Co-founded in 2012 by Dustin Distefano and Jerod Evanich, the company had the original goal of improving senior-focused care. Both Distefano and Evanich had personal experiences with their own loved ones, and they understand first-hand how challenging it can be to provide quality care without proper planning and necessary resources.

Over a lunch meeting, the two co-founders developed the initial concept for A Place at Home; a service designed to promote independence and adapt to the needs of seniors and their families. Today, A Place at Home provides home-based care, medical administration, medical appointments, and professional care planning for seniors.

Keeping Seniors Active This Winter

For seniors, managing to find the time or energy to exercise on a daily basis can be hard enough. But when the wind is blowing and the snow is falling, low temperatures and icy conditions can prevent everyone young and old from getting active during the dreaded winter months.

Remember, physical activity increases blood flow to your whole body. Staying active is important for your whole body, including your brain. Performing a minimal amount of daily physical movement and exercise can even help to prolong some of the memory loss and cognitive decline associated with aging.

Focus on Realistic Goals

The key to finding the appropriate activity and exercise for you or your aging loved ones is to focus on realistic goals. What do you want to accomplish through the pursuit of a particular workout?
For older adults, exercises should help to target important skills and abilities that will keep them safe in their daily routines.

Improve Fall Prevention

Each year, one-third of Americans age 65 or older experience an accidental fall that could end their lives. For seniors, living in fear of falling should not have to be a part of the daily routine. Aging adults can mitigate both fear and risk by dedicating a small window of time towards working on balance each day.

For a comprehensive list of movements geared towards fall prevention, check out Medline Plus’ entry on balance exercises. The workouts are easy enough to perform from the comfort of your own home or at work with little space. Examples of appropriate balance exercises include standing on one foot or using a chair to perform leg raises.

Choose Low Impact Activities

Looking for an excuse to adventure away from your usual spot at home or work? Don’t underestimate the value of walking for your strength training. If the sidewalks are plowed and the temperature is bearable, then take a stroll around the block. If winter conditions are discouraging, visit a large store or indoor mall and get your exercise done while shopping for groceries or new clothes. Stairs within your home or office can also provide the necessary challenge for a quick,
effective workout.

As an alternative, many adults with joint pain and arthritis will turn to water aerobics or other similar exercises that can be done in the pool as their outlet for physical activity. Water provides a kind of low-impact resistance training capable of targeting your joints and muscles.

Retain Your Flexibility

Don’t forget to incorporate a simple stretching warm-up into your normal exercise routine. As we age, our muscles become shorter and lose their elasticity causing a
decreased range of motion.

For seniors, stretching is essential for staying limber and flexible enough to perform the basic activities needed to get through the day. Yoga can provide the necessary movements and kind of low impact workout needed to increase flexibility as we age. Retaining good flexibility and range of motion through stretching can be even more
important when wearing layers to combat cold temperatures.

Don’t Give Up

If these exercises feel overwhelming at first, don’t simply quit. It can take your body weeks to adjust to a new routine of physical activity. Be sure to start with reasonable and realistic goals based on your current abilities and limitations.

In the News: Our CEO’s Interview with the Midland’s Business Journal

The Midland’s Business Journal featured our CEO, Dustin Distefano, in the July 21, 2017, Business Minute section.

Among the highlights are his two best pieces of advice he’s received: 1)The key to success is persistence, never quit and good things will come; and 2) If you work to achieve success for your employees and other people, success will come to you. He also touches on his favorite charities (Alzheimer’s Assocaition and the Ronald McDonald House for children) as well as how he got into the business and other interesting facts.