Pay and burnout are common reasons social workers want to bow out of the industry. The median salary for a social worker in 2021 was about $50,000 per year, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So, if you’re searching for jobs in social work that pay better, know that you’re not alone. It’s not too late to make a change. There are several alternative careers for social workers out there. It’s time to find one that’s better suited to you.

Leverage Your Skills

You don’t need to stress whether your skills from social work will transfer to a new career. Social workers are typically highly motivated leaders, great communicators, and have excellent interpersonal talents from interacting with clients. They can also problem-solve, strategize, and are great at planning schedules. Lucky for you, all of these experiences will make you highly adaptable in new work environments.

Taking Your First Steps

When beginning the process of applying for new jobs, update your resume to highlight those traits you’ve mastered through social work. Then, network, network, and network some more. Some positions might need more education, like a master’s degree or doctorate, while others might need a certification.

One career alternative that doesn’t require more education or certifications is becoming a franchise owner with A Place At Home. Instead, use your leadership qualities to own and operate a location and share your compassion with your communities’ seniors by providing in-home care.

Alternative Careers For Social Workers

Consider these jobs that are similar to social work but tend to pay better. You’ll see how your experience will transfer.

  • Education: High school teacher, counselor, college professor, and college admissions counselor are jobs within education that allow you to build on your experiences as a social worker. Your excellent communication skills will help you with assisting students one on one. Being assertive is valuable when commanding the attention of a room of students. In college, you can teach the classes you took to become a social worker in the first place. As for counseling, your communication abilities will allow you to guide your students, understand what they’re looking for, and problem-solve with them.
  • Consulting: Your communication skills and conflict-resolution experience can benefit other companies. By coming in with an objective perspective, you can work with executives, managers, and other company decision-makers to see where their shortfalls are occurring. Diversity and inclusion specialist is one consulting area social workers excel in. Social workers generally have experience working with marginalized populations, so they can help companies diversify their hiring processes.
  • Human Resources: Employees look to their HR department for empathy and solutions to conflicts. So, working within an HR department, including as an HR Manager, you’ll use your interpersonal skills to help with sexual harassment issues and employee disciplinary procedures. Social workers’ organization, time management, and database experience will support them in overseeing employees’ benefits programs and hiring processes.
  • Outreach Coordinator: This position typically works with non-profit or advocacy organizations. As a social worker, you understand human behavior, can analyze societal systems, and remain objective in situations. In this role, you’ll use that experience and work with other community members to improve local programs and services. You’ll create and manage outreach programs. These events and programs promote community, safety and well-being.
  • Be Your Own Boss: Take your experience as a social worker and become a successful business owner. All your skills and experiences will transfer. Great entrepreneurs often start by identifying the problem or need they want to fulfill in the marketplace, just like a social worker begins by identifying their client’s issues. From there, they create the necessary products or services, connect with other professionals and resources, and promote their products. Your leadership qualities and motivation will help you excel in this field. Need help figuring out how to do it? Consider buying into a franchise system like the senior home care agency A Place At Home. Your interpersonal and communication abilities will put you ahead when discussing options for seniors with their loved ones.

Build Your Own Success with A Place At Home

If you want to get out of the corporate world, become a franchise owner with A Place At Home franchise owner. We know your social work experience is a great asset. You’re used to connecting clients with resources. As a franchisee, you’ll connect your customers to resources that will help them safely continue aging in their homes.

The growth potential is exponential with our brand compared to other companies. The number of seniors is rapidly growing, and most are looking to stay in their homes. So, take the next steps toward this new career and help the seniors in your community by submitting a franchise form.

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