With over 54 million Americans  65 years old or older, it’s no wonder the senior care industry is booming. So, you’re interested in opening a senior care company but aren’t sure how to get clients for your non-medical home care business. Even just a small portion of that older population would make all the difference. Getting qualified home care clients for your non-medical home care business is critical for profitability. We’ve got top tips for client recruitment all lined up for you.

Eight Ways to Find New Clients

Before getting started, make sure you have a clear plan. Define your market. As a senior care business owner, you want to remember that most people looking for your services will not be the seniors needing care. It’ll most likely be their children or grandchildren in search for someone to take care of their loved ones. Once your target audience is defined, use it to shape how you implement these marketing methods.

  1. Provide great care to your clients.
    You’ll earn word-of-mouth referrals by providing top-notch care. To ensure you give your clients the best possible service, you’ll want to spend money and time recruiting, hiring, and onboarding your employees. With A Place At Home, we guide you through a proven training process. It includes a sales, recruiting, and retention series to help hire and keep your employees, which is also key to retaining clients.
  1. Cultivate professional relationships and partnerships with other businesses.
    Develop connections with local businesses like doctors’ offices in your area with the hope that they will recommend you to their patients. Give them your brochures or other marketing materials to pass on to their patients. Hospitals are another place to provide brochures so nurses can include them with discharge papers. You can also partner with house call physicians, occupational therapists, hospital discharge planners, social workers, rehab centers, adult day care centers, and veterans’ administration. Another option is partnering with businesses to provide reciprocating referrals. Be careful of doing this, however. Your reputation is on the line. If the company you refer your client to doesn’t meet their expectations, that could negatively affect you.
  1. Get involved by volunteering.
    Put yourself among community members by getting involved. Connect with local schools, churches, food banks, and other organizations to show you care about bettering the community your business serves. Consider wearing t-shirts with your company logo to get your name out there.
  1. Integrate into the community by sponsoring an event or team.
    Another way to show involvement is by sponsoring events. Remember, your target market here is not necessarily seniors. Sponsoring 5k races or a booth at a local fair can increase your brand’s awareness among seniors’ children and grandchildren.
  1. Share your knowledge.
    Educate your market about the services you provide. Hold “lunch and learns” at senior centers, retirement communities, or churches to share your expertise on health and aging topics. These events allow the community to put a face to the business name.
  1. Build an online presence.
    The children and grandchildren of potential clients may not live locally. You’ll want to make your company info is accessible to family members worldwide. Create a Google My Business profile so you can attract clients through local searches. Set up your website and social media accounts. Collect emails on your website to send out email marketing campaigns to bring in even more business.
  1. Use lead generation sites.
    While these sites can be expensive, they can put your marketing dollars to good use. These sites create qualified leads that will likely turn into customers. Lead generation sites that are good for senior care businesses are Caring.com and SeniorAdvisor.com. Caring.com typically ranks number one in organic searches for “(location) home care agency.”
  1. Collect and promote your reviews.
    Recent research shows there is more emphasis on reading reviews than ever before. A BrightLocal survey found that 77% of people ‘always’ or ‘regularly’ read reviews when browsing for local businesses in 2021. That’s up from 60% in 2020. You can promote your reviews on your social media pages and your website.

Find Support and Training With A Place At Home

All of this might seem overwhelming for  a potential new business owner. But, there’s good news! Don’t fret about how to get clients for your non-medical home care business. Instead, consider a senior care franchise like A Place At Home. With our CARE Track, we have seen a 95% success rate of franchisees servicing their first client within the first 60 days of launching. If you’re ready to build your business and begin booking clients, submit a franchise form today to learn more about joining the A Place At Home team.

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