Austin, Texas Gains New Senior Care Option

Austin families struggling to find appropriate senior care options may soon be able to breathe easy. A Place at Home, an Omaha, NE-based senior-focused care company, is opening its first Texas franchise here. Residents of Austin, Round Rock, Cedar Park, Georgetown, Leander, Liberty Hill, and Hutto will be able to request services as early as July 15, 2019.

To make sure he can serve his customers to the utmost, franchise owner Paul Walton is currently scouting a centrally-located office location.

APAH offers a continuum of senior-focused care services. These include in-home companion care, home care, personal care, and medication services. Families may also take advantage of care coordination services such as healthcare advocacy and navigation, transition assistance, and medication management.

When seniors are ready to transition from their home to a senior living community, APAH offers a no-cost consultation service. Our Senior Living Advisors are highly knowledgeable in the senior living landscape and offer personalized service and trusted referrals to families who might otherwise be overwhelmed by the process of finding the next place to call home.

“I decided to team up with A Place at Home because of the growing need for quality senior care,” says Walton.” More people are retiring right now than at any time in our nation’s history, and that means there’s the potential for some serious gaps to form in terms of providing seniors with quality healthcare.”

This is especially prominent in the Austin area. A Place At Home keeps people living at home, wherever their home may be, providing families another option.

Walton says he chose APAH in particular because he resonated with the company values.

A Place at Home’s core values is embodied in the We are CARE philosophy. CARE stands for “Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical.”

“Families are the cornerstone of our communities and my mission is to strengthen our communities by delivering on these core values to families in the Austin area,” says Walton.

He noted that healthcare professionals appreciate the continuum of care the APAH model offers to their patients. “Providers are confident when giving A Place at Home as an option to continue the highest quality care for their patients in their own home.”

Walton brings plenty of experience to his new role. He has a B.S. in Behavioral Neuroscience, as well as a wide range of experience spanning multiple industry verticals. He’s been a firefighter, a lifeguard, and a first responder. He then went on to enter the Enterprise Rent-a-Car management training program. It’s recognized as one of the premier management training programs in the nation.

Walton’s time at Enterprise gave him the foundation he needed to enjoy repeated success in business, a skill that will be of great value when building his new senior-focused care business.

Other industries where Walton has spent time include Pharmaceutical, Finance, I.T., Sales & Marketing Consultancy, and e-Commerce. He has also launched several other ventures.

“A Place At Home is proud to partner with such an experienced professional,” says Jerod Evanich, Co-Founder and Head of Development at APAH’s corporate offices. “But more than that, we’re proud to partner with someone who has dedicated his life to embodying the principles we value.”

For more information, visit


Jerod Evanich, MBA
Co-Founder and Head of Development

O: 888-502-6310 x 101
F: 402-281-0738
E: jerod.evanich(at)aplaceathome(dot)com


Are You An Ideal Franchise Partner?

Many entrepreneurs looking for a new business venture choose to invest in franchising due to the proven systems, demonstrated success and support that a franchise system can offer. However, being a franchisee isn’t for everyone – this type of business ownership requires a unique mix of qualities, skills, and aspirations in order to succeed.

At A Place at Home, we consider candidates with a variety of experiences and backgrounds, and we seek franchisees who will be a strong representative of our brand. A Place at Home franchisees often share these similar qualities:

Passion for Giving Back to the Community

Ideal owners should possess a passion to own a senior-focused care company that largely stems from personal experience of caring for those who need care.  This can include those who have a background in the medical or senior care field; been impacted by a senior; possess the desire to be part of a movement to provide a higher level of senior care; or someone looking for a career change that will make a difference in the quality of life of others.

Background in Business and Management

Franchisees should be able to give direction and handle the responsibilities of management, delegation, and leadership, as franchisees own and run their own franchise location. As a franchisee, you are in charge of your own business, but you will still benefit from the support of a franchisor, meaning it’s important for franchise owners to have a mix of skills typically held by an employee, and also a boss.

Innate Ability to Network and Build Relationships

While passion and experience are important factors for business success, the ability to connect with others and build meaningful business relationships is essential to the overall growth of your business. It is especially important in the senior care business to be out in the community. Whether it’s marketing at assisted living facilities or participating in community events – if you are able to create a partnership authentically, then you have the capability to propel your business to the next level.

Goal-Oriented and Driven to Succeed

As a franchise partner, you will gain immediate access to 40-hours of hands-on training and ongoing support, but ultimately, you have to execute the business plan. To do that, you need to have an internal drive to take not only your career, but your business to the next level.

Willingness to Follow a Proven System

Franchisees must follow the processes and systems that a franchisor has in place, which is why candidates who possess the traits of a dedicated employee are often approved. Veterans, in particular, excel in franchising, as their military training often enables them to be mission-focused and to run their business with respect for and understanding of rules and regulations.

Align With Philosophy

The “We are CARE” (Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, Ethical) philosophy should align with your own personal objectives and a willingness to incorporate these values into their everyday role as A Place At Home franchise owners as well as everyday interactions with clients and their team. There should be an innate desire to network and build relationships within the community with the intent to grow the business and take on competitors while constantly driving to greatness.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

A Place at Home Welcomes Its Newest Franchisee to Little Rock, Arkansas

New In-Home Senior Care Option Comes to Little Rock, Arkansas

Senior care is a challenge for any family, but now residents of Little Rock and surrounding townships will have a unique new option to consider. A Place at Home, an innovative senior care company, is welcoming local resident Natalie Watts as their newest franchisee.

Watts has 25 years of experience leading sales and project management teams in the telecommunications industry. She’s been a part of the Little Rock community for 26 years.

While the leap from telecommunications to senior care may seem to be a big one, Watts is ready for anything. “I wanted more out of my job,” she explains. “And was inspired to have a bigger impact on the community than a corporate role could provide.”

The impact is likely to be an immediate one. Like the rest of the nation, the Little Rock area has suffered from a shortage of senior care providers.

Watts chose A Place at Home after meeting the owners and Co-founders of the A Place at Home and NorEast Franchise Group, Jerod Evanich and Dustin Distefano. “I was impressed by their culture and vision, and felt like together we could form a personal partnership that could help build my dreams of running my own company while fulfilling a community need.” The company’s core values resonated with me as well.”

A Place at Home emphasizes a set of values known as, “We are CARE,” which stands for Compassion, Accountability, Respect, and Ethics.

“It aligns with how I believe relationships, both personal and professional, should be formed.”

The franchise will serve Little Rock, Maumelle, North Little Rock, Jacksonville, Cabot, Conway, Malvern, Hot Springs, and Hot Springs Village. Watts is still shopping for a location for the franchise’s home office.

“We’re excited because this brings us one step closer to our goal of serving seniors in their communities from coast-to-coast,” says Evanich. Evanich says he and Distefano turned to franchising after determining it was the best way to share their continuum of care model across the nation.

“Our vision is to provide seniors with one professional care company they can depend on as they navigate the aging process and see their needs evolve.”

Evanich notes all franchisees must demonstrate they align with the “We are CARE” philosophy before he and Distefano will even consider awarding them a franchise. But he welcomes anyone interested in opening a franchise of their own to contact them, and to begin a conversation.


Jerod Evanich, MBA 
Co-Founder and Head of Operations

O: 888-502-6310 x 101 
F: 402-281-0736 
E: jerod.evanich(at)


A Place at Home (a NorEast Franchise Group) offers a range of customized in-home care services, care coordination and assistance in identifying and transitioning to senior living alternatives. The company is dedicated to preserving the quality of life for seniors by giving them the support they need to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. Those who would like to explore franchising should contact the owners to start a conversation.

Profitable Resale Territory: Bellevue Senior Care Franchise Opportunity

A Place at Home, headquartered in Omaha, NE, is looking to split off a portion of our franchise territory into Sarpy County, NE and Pottawattamie County, IA.

In the past year, we have primarily focused our attention in the Omaha region. For this reason, we are now seeking an owner/operator that has the passion and drive to grow and maximize the Bellevue territory to its full potential.

Award-Winning Company with Brand Recognition

This owner would gain access to immediate credibility as A Place at Home won 2018 Best of Omaha award in the Non-Medical Home Care category, along with being a four-time Employer of Choice in Omaha. Trusted by the community, we have established referral contracts, accounts, and most importantly, we have fostered strong relationships within the Omaha community.

Established Clientele & Caregivers

This resale territory currently employs 10-15 caregivers. These caregivers have been thoroughly trained by the Omaha RN Lead to provide our senior community with the best possible care. Currently serving roughly 20 clients a month, this territory generates annual revenue of $225k in sales. With the right owner in place, revenue and gross profit have the potential to grow exponentially.

Territory with Major Growth Potential

With a senior population of 39,753 and an estimated senior population of 49,950 within the next five years, this territory is primed for growth. We previously generated upwards of $460k of annual revenue in 2015 when the founders operated the business.

Additionally, being with the A Place at Home franchise system will allow mass expansion opportunities. Once this territory is developed, the owner will understand the staffing model of the location. There is no stopping them from opening locations in Lincoln, Des Moines, Kansas City, and more – thus making them an area owner.

Hands-on Training & Support From the Founders

You will receive 40 hours of initial, hands-on training, ongoing support, and an invaluable referral partnership with A Place at Home Omaha. To support your achievement, we’re committed to providing the best possible interactive senior care training for your business growth. You will learn from insiders in the senior care industry; skilled professionals in the business and caring aspects of senior services. With A Place at Home franchises, you’re an independent business owner, but you don’t go it alone.

Interested In Becoming A Franchise Partner?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

Common Questions About Opening a Home Care Business or Franchise

Thanks in no small part to an increasing amount of digital technologies, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place — in other words, choosing to live in one’s home as they go in and beyond their golden years. New technologies have enabled more seniors to be more self-sufficient, however, it also means an increase in the demand of home health care services to bolster senior needs. This makes now a great time for entrepreneurs to invest in and become a part of the home care industry. It also means that there are a lot of questions newcomers to the industry have, like the following:

Is experience in the healthcare or senior home care industry a necessity to open a home care franchise?

Absolutely not. While with any business having a passion in the area you’re looking to invest in is important, it’s not necessary to have direct experience. However, it is very helpful for those considering opening a franchise or starting a business to have some leadership or management experience. Such experience helps you lead and manage the employees who do have the experience necessary to make a home care business succeed.

How do I find and hire the right people for my senior home care business?

Finding experienced and high-quality caregivers is one of the first and arguably most important tasks you’ll take on as a home care franchise owner. For franchisees, the parent company will often assist you in this department and may even have a starting list of applicants who are in your area. When researching this or taking in open applicants, it’s important to be thorough and find candidates who have the training and experience to exceed state and local standard for caregivers. When you start out, you want to be the best and this begins with hiring the best.

What’s the benefit of going with a franchise rather than beginning my own independent company?

With a franchise home health care company, the investment and royalty fees may seem cumbersome but most franchisees find the benefits well worth it. Franchisees enjoy key business assets like marketing assistance, legal aid, and recruitment assistance — invaluable ongoing support that can take your business to the next level.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

5 Myths About Owning A Senior Care Business

Interested in owning a senior care business, but hesitant because of preconceived notions?

Often times people shy away from senior care because they think they don’t have the right background or they don’t quite know what the day-to-day operations entail.  We are here to rid those notions and present you with the facts.

1. I Need Healthcare Experience

Becoming a successful business owner that specializes in senior home care doesn’t require a background in professional health management or care. Companionship and care coordination is the main goal of most home care businesses. Basic care is what is normally provided, not medical assistance or health care.

2. I’m Too Old

You are never too old to start a new adventure! Starting a new business may be just what you need to give you a new lease on life. Besides, your knowledge and experience will be an asset. Investing your time and money in a new business gives you an opportunity to remain active and help others.

3. The Market Is Saturated With Home Care Businesses

Contrary to what many people may think, the number of care providers is actually shrinking. This means fewer actual caregivers and a greater need for the services offered by home care companies. Not only does a home care business support the caregiver, but home care workers can also perform many of the duties that might be difficult for the caregiver to accomplish on their own.

4. I Will Spend My Days Processing Medicare & Health Insurance Claims

Most home care services aren’t covered through the patient’s insurance or by Medicare. Some may have benefits they receive from Veteran’s programs, but in most cases, home care services are private pay. Long-term care insurance may cover some of the cost, but more than likely not all of it.

5. I Don’t Have The Capital

While it does cost money to invest in an established franchise, that doesn’t mean you have to be a millionaire. If you can come up with $50k in cash and prove a net worth of at least $120,000, you have what it takes to move forward. Additionally, there are franchising options for most anyone looking to purchase a franchise—from Small Business Administration (SBA) loans and traditional bank loans to special programs for veterans.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

Ready To Become Your Own Boss? Franchising Just Might Be The Answer

Are you ready to make an economic change this year? Are you eager to be your own boss?

If so, then consider the benefits of franchising. There are so many great reasons to become a franchise business owner and take hold of a company, but the following are a few of the most popular reasons that many current franchise owners give for choosing to franchise:

Taking the Lead

There are people who enjoy going to work, doing their given tasks, and then going home. Then there are those who strive to do more. A big part of becoming a franchise owner is being the boss, the leader of your own business.

In this role, you determine how much, how fast, and how far you want to take the company and yourself. As such, this is a great career choice for those who have strong leadership and managerial skills that are being underutilized or have hit a plateau at their current position.

Enjoying the Benefits of a Proven Framework

Opening a business can be an overwhelming task, especially if you aren’t sure how to begin. However, by choosing to franchise, you are choosing to work within the framework of an already successful business model.

This means that while you’ll have plenty to do on your own and business facets to choose from, other aspects like finding vendors and marketing supplies has already been done for you. This takes a lot of the guesswork and common stresses out of the equation and enables you to get on the ground running.

Having a Strong Support Network

In addition to plugging into an already successful business model, franchising also plugs you into an already established support center. In fact, many franchises will request interested new franchisors to meet and work with an already established branch and to undergo a period of training at their business headquarters.

Both these meet-and-greet work periods allow soon-to-be franchise owners to learn from people just like them how best to operate a successful store. You get to connect with peers and stay connected so that should you ever have questions, you know exactly who to ask.

Ready to get started? 

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

Location Is Key When Opening A Senior Care Business

So, you’ve done the research and determined that a senior care franchise is the right business opportunity for you. Now you’re wondering where to open your business in order to help the right people and have success.

Many venture capitalists are moving into the senior care business. The United States Census Bureau estimates that by the year 2030 all current baby boomers will be aged 65 and above, and one out of five Americans will be of retirement age. While it’s clear that senior care is on the rise, it’s important to choose your location wisely when considering a senior care business.

Here is what we look for when deciding on the territory location for each franchise owner:

A Community of Aging Population

It would help if you start your elderly care business in a senior-friendly state. You will be better able to take advantage of the community when positioning your services. These locations have easy access to health care, advantageous tax structures, and a friendly climate. For a substantial return on investment, the senior population should be above 35,000 in your potential area (people who are age 65+).

Healthcare Resources

As mentioned before, seniors like to live in places with easy access to medical care, particularly centers that accept Medicare. By starting your elderly care business in such locations, you can develop connections and referrals from medical centers—thereby growing the number of your clients.

Recreational & Leisure Activities

States like California, Texas, and Florida rank higher on the senior-friendly list because they have one thing in common—there is plenty for seniors to do and see. According to the American Association of Retired Persons, senior baby boomers plan for an average of two to four trip in a year.

Higher Household Income

Although seniors may partially rely on long-term care insurance or veteran’s benefits, they or their family will likely pay for most of their care services out of pocket. For that reason, you will want to place your senior care business in a location where people can afford your services.


Having roots and a network in the location you are considering to start your business can be very helpful in the initial building stages. Although you can later employ marketing techniques to grow the popularity of your business, you first need to have an understanding of the community for your business to grow. While the care you offer is delivered where it is needed, territory location still matters when it comes to running a profitable senior care business today.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

4 Tips For Online Marketing: In-Home Care

It is indisputable the significant role home care agencies play in enhancing the lives of seniors.  They are an assurance of comfort, safety and friendship for many seniors during their golden years. But how can you position your senior care business in the market?

Let’s dive in to explore all the dynamics of marketing a senior-focused care business in the digital realm.

Build a Captivating Website

A website is the backbone of any online marketing endeavor. Times have changed. Many seniors are tech-savvy, and often times younger family members assist in finding care. Data by Pew Research shows that 59 % of all Americans aged 65 and above use the internet. There is a vast audience of potential clients whose primary source of information is the internet.

The website design for a senior care center should include:

  • Simple user-friendly and easy navigation
  • Clear images – avoid blue shades that may appear saturated to older people
  • Images that paint your facility in a favorable light and communicate the unique services you have to offer
  • Font size should be big enough, no less than 16 pixels
  • SEO Optimized so that your website can be found

Focus Your Campaigns on Helpful Information

Gimmicky marketing doesn’t work with home care. Potential clients must carefully weigh their options when it comes to finding the best fit regarding in-home care services.  The decision-making process could be weeks, months, or even years.

The information found on your website, as well as throughout your social media and email campaigns should provide detailed information that pertains to senior care. This, among others, includes blogs on health care, diet, depression, diabetes, and other health-related topics. You should also provide a proper description of all services provided.

Rank Top of Search Results

Apart from receiving recommendations from family and friends, a major way people find senior care services is by searching the web. Many people have grown to become inseparable friends with Google. To get these potential clients to visit your site and consider your in-home care services, you have to seek online prominence.

You can only get that by being on page one of the search engine results. Search engine optimization is what you need. Adding plugins such as Yoast, SEMRush, or Google Keyword Planner can be a major game changer when optimizing your website.

Manage Your Online Reputation

The internet sphere is a gold mine of opportunities for home care agencies. However, a single mistake online could bring all your years of hard work to rubble. It takes careful reputation management to stay top of your client’s mind as a trustworthy brand.

Positive reviews will help to paint your senior care center in good light. A study by BrightLocal shows that 84 % of all people use online reviews when considering a service or a product. When your potential customers are considering your service, they first scour the web looking for what past customers are saying about your facility. This means that you have to be on the lookout for what is said about you by a client and aim to get positive reviews on social media and review websites.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have your very own website built for your specific location, strong support, thorough training (including online marketing), and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.


Social Media’s Impact on Your Business’ Growth

Social media has turned into an incredible tool for business outreach in the modern world. Initially, it was used largely for personal purposes, but the extension of social media in business is essential in today’s digital world. Being a densely populated arena where things go viral very fast, it gives businesses a direct line of communication with their prospective customers, current customers, and peers.

With a high rate of growth and development in technology, social media changes often. As a marketer or a business owner, you need to keep up with these changes in trends in order to achieve maximally from it. Here are some of the social media trends that you should not miss out on as a business owner.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook remains to be one of the most influential social media platforms with a great traffic of daily users. Businesses can take advantage of consumers flocking the platform every day. Online marketers have now shifted from organic Facebook outreach into paid promotions that entail video creation, branding, data analytics, re-marketing, and content marketing. As a marketer, you should always take advantage of the changes taking place in Facebook marketing, benefiting from both paid and organic Facebook marketing.

Ephemeral Content

Businesses are using short-lived content in form of videos and images on social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat. This content displays on their account or the profile for a short period, targeting immediate reactions from the customers. The content provides a more authentic level of engagement. This is because they are designed to allow businesses to take advantage of FOMO (fear of missing out) among the viewers. Business owners can use ephemeral content to communicate with the customers on updates about their brands, latest offers, or introducing new products.


Chatbots are artificial intelligence (AI) programs that can be used to replicate human conversation to help in customer service and marketing. With Chatbots, customer service and rate of engagement increase, hence better customer interaction. Facebook Messenger is one of the most utilized Chatbots. This service continues to grow as Facebook Messenger adds functions such as built-in Natural Language Processing (NLP), In-chat Payment, and Handover Protocol.

Changes in Organic Reach

The crackdown of the organic reach by Google, Amazon, and Facebook should not scare you as a marketer, it is, however, a chance for you to explore SEO and AI-based marketing to expose your brand to customers.  You should now focus on presenting customers with the content they can easily engage with. This calls for high-quality content with more significant interactions with the viewers.  You should also know how to balance between the quality of the content, the desires of the customers, as well as the goals and the objectives of the business.

Social Ads

In recent years, social advertisements have gained a lot of popularity among businesses. Businesses are able to make thousands of advertisements on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and many others. These adverts reach a great number of social media users across the globe. Businesses take advantage of them because they are cheap.

Social media adverts give businesses an advantage because they mainly focus on the call to action (CTA). In retail businesses, for instance, Instagram has introduced a new feature which allows people to use ‘shoppable tags’ as a call to action among consumers.

Social advertisement has also been largely used in Snapchat and YouTube, exponentially surpassing television advertisement. The predictions, according to Zenith Media, state that social adverts have the potential to outspend television advertisements by over $40 million. With the social market always growing, expanding your brand into the digital realm is essential to boosting your brand and taking it to the next level.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.