Thanks in no small part to an increasing amount of digital technologies, more and more seniors are choosing to age in place — in other words, choosing to live in one’s home as they go in and beyond their golden years. New technologies have enabled more seniors to be more self-sufficient, however, it also means an increase in the demand of home health care services to bolster senior needs. This makes now a great time for entrepreneurs to invest in and become a part of the home care industry. It also means that there are a lot of questions newcomers to the industry have, like the following:

Is experience in the healthcare or senior home care industry a necessity to open a home care franchise?

Absolutely not. While with any business having a passion in the area you’re looking to invest in is important, it’s not necessary to have direct experience. However, it is very helpful for those considering opening a franchise or starting a business to have some leadership or management experience. Such experience helps you lead and manage the employees who do have the experience necessary to make a home care business succeed.

How do I find and hire the right people for my senior home care business?

Finding experienced and high-quality caregivers is one of the first and arguably most important tasks you’ll take on as a home care franchise owner. For franchisees, the parent company will often assist you in this department and may even have a starting list of applicants who are in your area. When researching this or taking in open applicants, it’s important to be thorough and find candidates who have the training and experience to exceed state and local standard for caregivers. When you start out, you want to be the best and this begins with hiring the best.

What’s the benefit of going with a franchise rather than beginning my own independent company?

With a franchise home health care company, the investment and royalty fees may seem cumbersome but most franchisees find the benefits well worth it. Franchisees enjoy key business assets like marketing assistance, legal aid, and recruitment assistance — invaluable ongoing support that can take your business to the next level.

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.

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