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Senior Lifestyle Care

At A Place At Home of South Portland, we believe every senior deserves to age with dignity and lead a fulfilling, engaging life. Lifestyle care helps seniors in Portland, Gresham, Boring, and the surrounding areas live their lives to the fullest while enjoying the comforts of home.

What is Lifestyle Care?

Lifestyle care supports seniors’ wellbeing by making sure they eat healthy, filling meals, live in a clean, well-kept space, and safely get out of the house on a regular basis. A lifestyle-focused caregiver can help you or an aging loved one complete tasks around the house, plan and prep meals, and run errands.

Home health care worker and an elderly couple

What does lifestyle
care include?

Meal Prep and
Nutrition Monitoring

Light Tidying and
Taking out the Garbage

Making the Bed and
Changing Out Sheets

and Folding

Light Exercising
and Outdoor Activities

Providing Transportation to the Store, Appointments, or Errands

How does lifestyle care help seniors?

Lifestyle care empowers Portland seniors to live healthier, happier lives as they age. With home care assistance, seniors can overcome the obstacles of aging that prevent them from participating in their normal, daily routines and taking care of themselves to the fullest extent. 

With lifestyle care, seniors have the opportunity to: 

Elderly man on a stroll with caregiver

Help the Senior in Your Life Stay Healthy and Happy

Our lifestyle caregivers help seniors retain their independence while feeling safe and supported. Reach out to A Place At Home of South Portland to learn more about the lifestyle services we provide to Portland seniors.