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Looking to source homecare referrals but don’t know where to start? Here are ideas on where to look and how to create the perfect referral program.

The Power of Referrals

Imagine you’re looking for a service or product. Would you trust a random advertisement or the recommendation of a friend? According to Nielsen Commspoint Journey, 30% of consumers follow brand recommendations.  This trust is the foundation of homecare referrals. When someone recommends your in-home care services, it carries weight, credibility, and trust. It’s a testament to the quality of care you provide and the satisfaction of your clients.

Understanding Referral Programs

A referral program is a structured system where you incentivize your current clients, their families, or even professionals in the industry to recommend your services to others. Incentives can look like discounts, complimentary services, or other rewards. The idea is to benefit both parties: your business gets a new client, and the referrer gets a token of appreciation.

Sourcing Referrals for Homecare Businesses

The next question is, where do you find these golden referrals? Here’s a list of how to get clients for non-medical home care business:

  • Previous and existing clients: The Private Duty Benchmarking Study released by the Home Care Association of America found clients as the top referral source for home care agencies, making up nearly 20% of all referrals. Happy clients are often more than willing to refer friends or family if they’ve had a positive experience. Additionally, people are more perceptive to recommended services from friends and family.
  • Local hospitals and clinics: Build relationships with local healthcare providers, including hospital discharge planners. That same survey found the following highest number of referrals came from these planners, about 9%. Discharge planners often encounter patients in need of in-home care. While working with the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) requires a certification process, once completed, connecting with local VA clinics can bring in clients.
  • Local senior centers: These are hubs for the elderly community and can be a rich source of referrals. Senior centers are typically associated with a city or county. City governments often have senior service departments with a plethora of resources for seniors and their families. Connecting with them is a great way to have them help you get your name out.
  • Rehabilitation centers: Patients recovering from surgeries or injuries might need temporary in-home care. Like the hospital discharge planners, building relationships with people involved in the discharge process in rehab centers will help put your homecare agency name out there more.

Crafting Your Referral Program

  1. Define clear objectives: What do you hope to achieve? More clients? Brand awareness? Set clear goals that will help guide the direction of your program.
  2. Choose your incentives: Whether it’s a discount, a free service, or a small gift, it needs to be enticing enough for someone to refer your services.
  3. Promote your program: Use your website, social media, and physical brochures to inform people about your referral program.
  4. Make it easy: The referral process should be simple. Whether it’s a form on your website or a phone number to call, make sure it’s hassle-free.
  5. Track and measure: Keep an eye on how many referrals you get and from where. The insight will help you refine your program over time.

Start Ahead with A Place At Home

Choosing to franchise with A Place At Home gives you a significant edge in the referral game. As a recognized homecare referral agency, our brand already carries trust and credibility. Moreover, our extensive network of franchisees and reputation can open doors to networking opportunities, making it easier to establish relationships with hospitals, clinics, and other potential sources of in-home care referral services.

From the beginning, we work with you on how to build your client list. We provide training and resources to help you navigate the industry’s complexities, including how to set up and manage a referral program effectively. Our experience and insights can save you from common pitfalls and set you on a faster path to meet your goals.

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