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Comprehensive Care Plans for Seniors

Care coordination services help families navigate the sometimes complex healthcare system. We work with seniors and their families across Denver Metro South area, including Aurora, Highlands Ranch, Centennial, Lone Tree, and the surrounding areas to develop professional care plans, provide recommendations and referrals, and collaborate with medical and non-medical providers. This ensures that your senior loved one has not only an all-encompassing care plan but also a trusted advocate always looking out for their safety and wellbeing. 

To learn more about the specific care coordination services available in Denver Metro South, give us a call. 

Navigate Healthcare
Systems Confidently

Caregivers will: 

  • Attend doctor’s appointments 
  • Coordinate specialists and surgeries 
  • Work with families to review results and recommendations 
  • Review and discuss treatment options 
  • Create a healthcare portfolio for day-to-day care 
  • Review long-term care insurance and veteran benefits

Transport and Transition Seniors Safely

Caregivers help with:

  • Transporting seniors home post-surgery or after hospital/rehab releases
  • Transferring seniors to and from motor vehicles
  • Getting seniors to all appointments on time and safely
  • Helping seniors prevent falls and injuries while traveling from place to place

Recover Smoothly With the Right Support

Caregivers assist by: 

  • Caring for a senior after a surgery or hospital/rehab release 
  • Completing a specialized medical equipment needs assessment and a household safety assessment 
  • Helping the senior follow a physician’s orders correctly to avoid re-admittance 

How Much Does Care Cost?

Because our care coordination plans are built specifically for each individual, there is no “one-size-fits-all” care plan and associated cost. You can find out more about the different ways to pay for care, payment assistance programs, and more on our cost expectations page.  

If you’d like more specific information on pricing, give us a call. 

Who Provides the Care?

A Place At Home – Denver Metro South hires kindhearted care professionals with a wide range of prior experience and training to help fulfill our clients’ every home care need. Meet the compassionate caregivers behind our consistent care plans on our caregivers page. 
Smiling elderly man with caregiver

Navigate Care With a Trusted Advocate

Care coordination ensures collaboration and communication between all healthcare providers and caregivers to build and honor a senior care plan that consistently fits your needs as they evolve. To receive reliable care in Denver Metro South, give us a call today.