New Franchise Now Serving Seniors in Orlando

New In Home Care Franchise Owner Stephen Sherbin

A Place At Home has awarded a new franchise in Orlando. Stephen Sherbin and Nicky Sherbin are the new owners that will help fulfill A Place At Home’s larger strategy to help seniors age with dignity through personalized care. 

The Population Reference Bureau predicts that by 2060 close to 100 million Americans will be aged 65 and older. Only 3 percent of the elderly prefer nursing homes. The remainder chooses in-home care support. There is, therefore, a corresponding growing demand for quality in-home care services which led A Place At Home to franchise it’s successful model. 

A Place At Home is set to serve over 22 areas in Orlando, Florida, from Bay Hill to Pine Castle and Pine Hills through the stewardship of Stephen Sherbin & Nicky Sherbin. The owners have extensive experience in healthcare. They will be operating from a centrally located office at Hoffner Center, Suite #234. 

“We happily welcome Stephen and Nicky to the A Place At Home family,” said Co-Founder Dustin Distefano. “They bring vast business and care experience that embodies our spirit of CARE. We believe that they are the perfect people to help us grow and serve seniors throughout Orlando.” 

About The Owners

Stephen is the president-elect of the Florida Hearing Society. He has 18 years of executive-level experience in the hearing aid industry. He is also a former member of the Economic Development Council for Brevard County and a former chair of the Palm Bay Chamber of Commerce. 

His business partner, Nicky Sherbin, is a Radiation Oncology Registered Nurse Manager in Winter Park. She has been providing care for those in her community for more than 25 years. Nicky was also a Spring Training nurse for the Washington Nationals, Montreal Expos, and Florida Marlins. She was also the nurse for the LPGA and helped launch the Sports Medicine Institute in Melbourne, Florida. Both she and Stephen are very experienced in handling VIP clients. 

Why A Place At Home Franchise?

The senior care entrepreneurs chose A Place At Home for its new franchise model and inspiring philosophy. “A Place At Home has given us the ability to offer the complete range of services including in-home companion care and in-home private care,” said Stephen. “We have also started a referral service that transitions patients to the right assisted living facilities that can meet their needs.” 

Stephen praised A Place At Home for its nurturing franchisee relations. “The agency employs its care staff in a supporting, responsible, and traditional way. Their comprehensive training program allowed us to hit the ground running.” 

The US Census Bureau confirms that Florida has the highest percentage of seniors, standing at 19%. The weather, the tax system and the vibrant community of elders are the contributing factors. Stephen and Nicky have a great opportunity to make a difference in the quality of elderly care in the state. 

“Having started my nursing career in hospice and home care and working in radiation oncology for the past 14 years, I have personally seen the life-changing results achieved by competent home care professionals,” says Nicky. “We are thrilled for the chance to make an impact in our local community filled with family and friends.” 

Stephen adds, “Success requires passion. Our passion comes from our family that is going through the same challenges as our patients’ families. We understand the strong need to provide high-quality care for those we love. We also understand the feeling of being trapped by having to work but wanting to be a caring son or daughter. Providing solutions to those problems through our new franchise is incredibly rewarding.” 

About A Place At Home

A Place At Home aims to be agile to the dynamics of the aging process through the provision of personalized services tuned to the unique and changing needs of each patient. The service model is dubbed C.A.R.E, which stands for Compassionate, Accountable, Respectful, and Ethical. A Place At Home helps seniors stay at home for longer with support and a degree of independence they desire. When the patients must move to senior care facilities, free placement services are offered. 

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A Place at Home Service Lines Assist Seniors in Streamlining Care

Senior care businesses are some of the best franchises to open and own—for one simple reason. We’re all aging and we all have aging loved ones. Right now, the large Baby Boom generation is beginning to rely on A Place at Home senior services, and the market will grow from 56M seniors to 84M in a 30 year span. In addition, owning such a franchise can fulfill a desire to help your community. These are great upsides, but you can’t count on “just any” run-of-the-mill senior care franchise to flourish. The best franchises to open will make themselves market leaders. Make your franchise choice wisely, by looking at what sets the best senior care franchises apart.

Avoid Limited Scope Franchises that Don’t Cover Seniors’ Needs

The problem with most senior care franchises is their narrow focus. If you invest in purchasing one of the very narrowly-specialized senior care franchises (those that only do non-medical, in-home or companion care, for example) your group of potential customers is very limited. A narrow, limited scope franchise in today’s highly competitive market may not stand out.  “One-size fits all” single-service franchises are not the most effective for senior care. Most seniors need a custom solution, with services tailored to their current needs and future plans–that’s exactly what A Place at Home franchises offer: more diversity amongst service lines, with phenomenal franchisee training in how to streamline the services.

The Best Franchise to Open: Full-Service and Customized Senior Care

We created our A Place At Home franchise around multiple lines of service. This answers the great, unmet need in the marketplace. Seniors, and their busy caregiving family members, need a customized care solution. Our franchise owners can offer packages of services, unique to each senior’s individual situation. Our full-service franchise offers seniors a trusted and convenient, one-stop place to get an accurate assessment of their needs. Then, our senior care coordinators arrange for, and connect them with, all the care they need now, and outline a plan for future needs from our suite of senior care services.

Invest in Full-Service Senior Focused Care Franchise – A Place at Home

A Place at Home stands out from all the other, single-focus “home care” franchises. With our 4 lines of services, our franchisees can create customized plans to meet each senior’s needs. We are flexible and multi-faceted, in contrast to typical, single-service franchises. With the single service franchises they are forced to recommend other companies to do what A Place at Home can do for the senior. This does two things: 1) you just gave away the revenue and 2) the most important, you just introduced another provider to the client. Our goal is to streamline the aging process by decluttering the amount of providers and manage the situation for them, thus creating a superior service for the senior population.

Their Criticism is Our Source of Pride

Our competition has said, “A Place at Home offers too much! We (the competitor) focus on one service, home care, and do really great at it.” Our rebuttal is this “A Place at Home focuses on one service as well: fulfilling the needs of each senior client and family. We focus on the whole person, providing the best option(s) for each unique senior and situation. Our wide-ranging, custom senior care program drawn from 4 lines of service, provides superior options for seniors–and multiple revenue streams for our franchise owners.

A Place at Home: We’re Better Because We’re Different

In a saturated senior care market, we are proud to offer something truly outstanding. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the continuum of care a senior may require. This innovative mindset makes us a winning franchise–that will outlast all the rest. Our senior-focused care model takes senior services to a higher level than other franchises in the senior care space.

“A Place At Home franchises offer an innovative, client-centered, full service model. We’re not focused solely on keeping people at home, nor do we emphasize assisted living placement. We’re committed to the best solution for the senior.” – Dustin Distefano, CEO

A Place at Home Provides Services that Seniors Truly Need

When you invest in a senior care franchise, pick the innovative franchise that offers multiple service lines to sustain your business. A Place At Home is poised for rapid growth. Now is the time to join us as a franchisee, with large, prime territories available. Take the next step now. Contact A Place At Home franchise today – 888-502-6310.