South Portland Gains New Senior Care Option

Local Entrepreneurs Launch a New A Place at Home

SOUTH PORTLAND, OR, AUGUST 7, 2018 – Local entrepreneurs Jerome and Kyara Philips have been awarded the right to open an A Place at Home franchise in the South Portland area. The new location is scheduled to launch this fall.

A Place at Home offers a model of senior care distinct from other options. Their senior care model includes in-home care, care coordination, community placement and staffing services. The company launched in 2012 in Omaha, NE, where it grew to serve over 800 clients and employed hundreds of caregivers, CNA’s, CMA’s, nurses, and other professional staff members. In 2017, founders Jerod Evanich and Dustin Distefano launched the NorEast Franchise Group in the hopes of serving seniors from coast-to-coast.

As a former social worker navigating the child welfare system, Jerome Philips has six years of experience working directly with families in need of services. Prior to that, he had four years of experience training and developing workers in the tech industry. He has a BS in Human Development and an Associate’s degree in Organizational Design, an educational background which offers extensive training in healthy aging, family dynamics, and care planning. He will serve as Operations Manager for the new franchise.

In addition to being Jerome’s wife and business partner, Kyara Philips will serve as the Lead RN for the new franchise. She has over eighteen years of nursing experience including being the RN Team Lead for nearly eight years at Kaiser Permanente.

The Philips’ decided to launch the business after personally experiencing the challenges of caring for Jerome’s father during an unexpected and persistent illness. “It helped us become aware of both the needs of seniors and the challenges they face in navigating their way to appropriate care. As a result, we’re passionate about maintaining the quality of life for seniors no matter what their circumstances are. We’re also committed to providing an understanding and supportive work environment for caregivers.”

The couple felt A Place at Home stood out as an innovative company offering superior senior care while maintaining a passion for the success of both employees and franchisees.

“We felt a real alignment with A Place at Home’s Core Values,” Jerome adds. “We’re focused on listening to each individual’s needs, on doing what we say we’re going to do, on listening before speaking and on living life with integrity.”

A Place at Home’s core values are summed up in its We are CARE model: compassionate, accountable, respectful, and ethical. Founder Jerod Evanich notes, “If a franchisee has a personal foundation built on these values, we can parlay their professional background and acumen into helping them become successful business owners.”

Evanich and Distefano will not award a franchise unless they feel the candidates are shining examples of the We are CARE philosophy.

Evanich and Distefano felt the best way to forward A Place at Home’s mission of providing top-notch senior care across the country was to expand services to local communities through franchising. “We wanted to share the continuum of care model across the nation to assist seniors with the complexities of the aging process by providing them with one compassionate, professional care company they can depend on.”

Considering a Senior Care Franchise?

When you join our group of dynamic business owners, as franchisees of A Place at Home, you’ll have strong support, thorough training and valuable business resources to help you succeed. Contact us to learn more.


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A Place at Home (a NorEast Franchise Group) offers a range of customized in-home care services, care coordination and assistance in identifying and transitioning to senior living alternatives. The company is dedicated to preserving the quality of life for seniors by giving them the support they need to stay as independent as possible for as long as possible. Those who would like to explore franchising should contact the owners to start a conversation. Visit or a for more information.

A Place at Home Service Lines Assist Seniors in Streamlining Care

Senior care businesses are some of the best franchises to open and own—for one simple reason. We’re all aging and we all have aging loved ones. Right now, the large Baby Boom generation is beginning to rely on A Place at Home senior services, and the market will grow from 56M seniors to 84M in a 30 year span. In addition, owning such a franchise can fulfill a desire to help your community. These are great upsides, but you can’t count on “just any” run-of-the-mill senior care franchise to flourish. The best franchises to open will make themselves market leaders. Make your franchise choice wisely, by looking at what sets the best senior care franchises apart.

Avoid Limited Scope Franchises that Don’t Cover Seniors’ Needs

The problem with most senior care franchises is their narrow focus. If you invest in purchasing one of the very narrowly-specialized senior care franchises (those that only do non-medical, in-home or companion care, for example) your group of potential customers is very limited. A narrow, limited scope franchise in today’s highly competitive market may not stand out.  “One-size fits all” single-service franchises are not the most effective for senior care. Most seniors need a custom solution, with services tailored to their current needs and future plans–that’s exactly what A Place at Home franchises offer: more diversity amongst service lines, with phenomenal franchisee training in how to streamline the services.

The Best Franchise to Open: Full-Service and Customized Senior Care

We created our A Place At Home franchise around multiple lines of service. This answers the great, unmet need in the marketplace. Seniors, and their busy caregiving family members, need a customized care solution. Our franchise owners can offer packages of services, unique to each senior’s individual situation. Our full-service franchise offers seniors a trusted and convenient, one-stop place to get an accurate assessment of their needs. Then, our senior care coordinators arrange for, and connect them with, all the care they need now, and outline a plan for future needs from our suite of senior care services.

Invest in Full-Service Senior Focused Care Franchise – A Place at Home

A Place at Home stands out from all the other, single-focus “home care” franchises. With our 4 lines of services, our franchisees can create customized plans to meet each senior’s needs. We are flexible and multi-faceted, in contrast to typical, single-service franchises. With the single service franchises they are forced to recommend other companies to do what A Place at Home can do for the senior. This does two things: 1) you just gave away the revenue and 2) the most important, you just introduced another provider to the client. Our goal is to streamline the aging process by decluttering the amount of providers and manage the situation for them, thus creating a superior service for the senior population.

Their Criticism is Our Source of Pride

Our competition has said, “A Place at Home offers too much! We (the competitor) focus on one service, home care, and do really great at it.” Our rebuttal is this “A Place at Home focuses on one service as well: fulfilling the needs of each senior client and family. We focus on the whole person, providing the best option(s) for each unique senior and situation. Our wide-ranging, custom senior care program drawn from 4 lines of service, provides superior options for seniors–and multiple revenue streams for our franchise owners.

A Place at Home: We’re Better Because We’re Different

In a saturated senior care market, we are proud to offer something truly outstanding. What sets us apart is our deep understanding of the continuum of care a senior may require. This innovative mindset makes us a winning franchise–that will outlast all the rest. Our senior-focused care model takes senior services to a higher level than other franchises in the senior care space.

“A Place At Home franchises offer an innovative, client-centered, full service model. We’re not focused solely on keeping people at home, nor do we emphasize assisted living placement. We’re committed to the best solution for the senior.” – Dustin Distefano, CEO

A Place at Home Provides Services that Seniors Truly Need

When you invest in a senior care franchise, pick the innovative franchise that offers multiple service lines to sustain your business. A Place At Home is poised for rapid growth. Now is the time to join us as a franchisee, with large, prime territories available. Take the next step now. Contact A Place At Home franchise today – 888-502-6310.