Lincoln, Nebraska and its surrounding rural counties offer an opportunity for growth in the home healthcare industry. The franchises A Place At Home establishes help provide needed services to an aging demographic that often finds healthcare options lacking.

Lincoln and the Surrounding Counties

The Lincoln, Nebraska metropolitan area refers to the area covering Lancaster and Seward Counties (combined population roughly 319,000) which is anchored by the city of Lincoln. It also extends into Beatrice city and wider Gage County as part of its Combined Statistical Area.

Lancaster County

The county of Lancaster has an estimated population of 301,707 with a majority of the county’s population located in the city of Lincoln with an estimated population of 273,018. In terms of demographics, 12.2% (or 36,809) of the county’s population is aged 65 or older. The home healthcare industry in the county employs 534 people across 12 different home healthcare companies.

Seward County

Seward County is considered the other core country of the greater Lincoln metro area alongside Lancaster county. With a county population of 17,133, it’s core population area is the city of Seward (population 7,133) and is located 30 minutes away from Lincoln. Of the 17,133 county residents 16.8% (2,879) are aged 65 or older. Home healthcare statistics are unavailable for this area. Like many smaller communities, such services are very hard to calculate, severely lacking in options, or care is provided in the nearby larger cities in the area, such as Lincoln.

Beatrice, Nebraska

Beatrice accounts for roughly 50% of Gage County’s population with 12,357 of the county’s 21,778 residents residing in the city. Located only 40 minutes away from Lincoln it is one of the rural communities that make up the wider census-designated area. Of the county’s 21,778 residents 20.6% (4,487) are aged 65 or older and Beatrice accounts for 2,694 of these residents. Gage County has 2 home healthcare service providers with one located in Beatrice proper.

About A Place At Home

The greater Lincoln Metro area is a growth market for A Place at Home. With an aging population, it is one that will require greater senior care in the future. When considering franchise opportunities you have options on the size of your territory ranging from 30k, 60k, 90k, and an industry leading 120k. If you’re dedicated to helping senior citizens A Place at Home franchise can help you meet those goals.

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