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Personal Care in Somerville for Seniors

Everyone deserves to feel proud of their appearance. Personal care services in Somerville help seniors keep up with their hygiene and complete daily tasks safely around their homes, so they can feel confident and retain their independence.  


What is Personal Care for Seniors?

Personal care services help seniors move around their homes and take care of themselves safely. With personal care, family members can feel at peace knowing their loved one is well taken care of, while seniors are able to feel comfortable in their daily routines at home. 

Caregiver on a relaxing walk with elder woman on wheelchair

What Does Personal
Care Include?

caregiver helping elderly man out of bed

Transferring From Bed to Wheelchair

caregiver helping elderly man walk

Assistance With Walking and Fall Prevention

caregiver brushing elderly woman's hair

Bathing, Grooming,
and Dressing

caregiver and elderly woman having a conversation

Toileting and
Incontinence Care

Wellness Monitoring and Communication

elderly man and caregiver reading something on a digital tablet

Home Safety

How Does Personal Care Help Seniors?

The inability to bathe, toilet, groom, and dress safely is a difficult challenge many seniors eventually have to face. Having personal care at home allows an older adult to age with dignity while staying as safe and comfortable as possible. 

According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), falls are the leading cause of injury and injury death in adults over the age of 65. Even though falls are common in this age group, they are preventable and do not have to be a normal part of aging. 

One way to prevent falls is to have a caregiver that helps you or your loved one move around the house and complete daily tasks that might lead to a fall if attempted alone. Personal care lets a senior and their family members relax knowing someone is always there to help out and make sure everything is okay. 

Elderly man on a stroll with caregiver

Find Personal Care In Somerville

Safety and comfortability are top priorities for every A Place At Home caregiver. Rest easy knowing you or your senior loved one has consistent daily personal care from a committed team of Somerville professionals. A Place At Home of Somerville is committed to helping your senior loved one age with dignity.