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Navigating the Healthcare System for Seniors in Kansas City South

Coordinating appointments and constantly communicating updates to every healthcare provider and caregiver can be an incredibly complex burden for seniors and their family members. A Place At Home – Kansas City South can help seniors and their loved ones in Overland Park, Lenexa, Leawood, and the surrounding areas navigate their care confidently. 

What Does Help Navigating the Healthcare System Include?

To ensure smooth healthcare experiences, our care coordinators will: 

caregiver with elderly man on a walk

How Can Healthcare Navigation Services Help Seniors?

Young woman on phone taking notes in notepad

Streamlined Appointment Scheduling

Professional help while navigating the healthcare system can ensure that seniors are seeing the right healthcare professionals at the right time. With appointment scheduling assistance, seniors and their families can feel confident with an additional layer of support on their path to treatment and recovery.

Help Navigating
Payment Options

Figuring out how to pay for treatments is another taxing aspect of healthcare navigation for seniors and their families. A care coordinator helps families navigate complex insurance options and payment assistance so they can afford the best care possible. 
Elderly couple going over finances with caregiver
Caregiver reading medical charts to elderly man

Improved Decision-Making Processes

For many conditions, there are several different courses of a treatment that a senior can choose from or combine. Weighing all the options to make a final decision can be an overwhelming experience, and a care coordinator can ease this by discussing each option’s pros and cons with seniors and their loved ones to empower them to make the decision that’s best for them.  

Get Seamless Care

Navigate the healthcare system confidently with a trusted care professional by your side every step of the way. Trust your Kansas City South A Place At Home team to connect with coordinators that can help you achieve better, more seamless care.