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There’s no need to worry about how you or your loved one is doing. We believe communication is the cornerstone to building these relationships.  We train all of our caregivers to utilize the latest technologies and processes, ensuring consistent, thorough and accountable communications regarding your loved one’s care.

We believe that the relationship between A Place at Home, the families, and the senior is paramount to the senior’s on-going health and wellness. Outgoing communication and updates are provided on a weekly basis or as frequently as requested. In-coming family communication is encouraged and can happen at any time. A completed care plan booklet that includes the personalized care plan, communication sheets as well as emergency information is left in the home. This ensures that all parties have easy access to daily happenings. 

Any time there are questions or concerns, we are available. After all, maintaining your senior’s health and wellness through successful at home living is the most important thing we do.

A Place at Home, LLC, Senior Home Care, Omaha, NE