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Staffing Solutions

A Place at Home understands that with the changes in health care many health care offices are left short staffed.

A Place at Home is willing to share our Certified Nursing Assistants to health care offices in need of a little extra help.  Whether it is long term or short term, A Place at Home can provide a passionate professional in a professional setting.  These services can range from assisting the office Nurses and Managers to working independently: seating patients, checking vitals, and starting the healthcare experience in your office.

The cost is affordable and actionable for any health care office.  Our Certified Nursing Assistant's rates are variable depending on the severity of tasks to perform.  Contact us today to get one scheduled at your office and breathe easy. 

Our full service CNA/Medication Aide Staffing service provides you with additional staff and saves costs in multiple areas.

  1. Human Resources: Hiring and turnover prove to be costly for any company and the health care industry rates are much higher than the norm.  In fact, Certified Nursing Aide turnover is one of the highest in the industry, ranging from 30% to 60%. APAH Staffing does the recruiting, hiring, training, firing, and placing of quality CNA's and CMA's in your community.
  2. Employee costs: APAH Staffing takes care of unemployment taxes, payroll fees and taxes, liability insurance, bonding, workers compensation, and all costs associated with managing, HR, and scheduling. Simply send us the shifts that can't be filled and we will provide a professional CNA or CMA.
  3. The Call Out: With APAH Staffing you have the option to call so that your community can remain fully staffed. We are committed to do everything possible to get someone there in a reasonable amount of time. 
  4. Maternity/Paternity, bereavement, sick leave, injury, etc: Why hire new employees to cover these short term issues? APAH Staffing will cut your costs. How much time effort and money is lost due to hiring, replacing, and over staffing?

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