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Care Coordinator

Sometimes the families, representatives and seniors have a good handle on many of the care aspects.

But, there are other times that it would be helpful to have someone in the medical field you know you can call on to stand in the place of a family member at appointments or help explain more complicated diagnoses or healthcare options. A Place At Home provides a service that you know you can rely on to be there when you need us. 

With some notice, we can make sure we are there to be your advocate. We can come to the home, hospital or physician’s office to provide understanding, clarity and recommendations to assure the senior’s continued health and wellness.

The service costs for this option are:

  • 1 hour with 48 hours notice - $125 to
    $250 hr depending on the level of advocacy
  • Emergency Appointments or last minute needs equates to a $50 emergency response fee per hour


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