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When you make the decision to hire someone to be there for your senior, you want to know they will provide the same loving, trusting and compassionate care your loved one would get from a family member or close friend.

We couldn’t agree more. After all, we’re talking about your parent or a very close loved one— a person who provided you with nurturing, love and understanding your whole life.

There are so many different elements to elder care including recognizing needs, tending to health and wellness, appointments, providing friendship, and helping them when they can’t help themselves. Of course, in an ideal world, you could do it all. The reality is, we all need help sometimes.

A Place at Home has carefully considered all of the kinds of care seniors need. As a result, we offer three types of caregivers to assure needs are always being met. These are:

  • Companions – Non-medical care providers who will help with everyday living while providing friendship and compassion
  • CNAs – Certified Nursing Assistants who will provide restorative care needs such as bathing, mobility, medication reminders, dementia or Alzheimer’s care while also providing companionship.
  • RNs – Registered Nurses who develop comprehensive care plans and make recommendations based on their knowledge and expertise.

All of our employees have completed our specialized training program that focuses on A Place at Home’s core values. Our on-going training revolves around the needs of our clients, professional excellence, reliability, communication, and current healthcare trends.

We ensure the safety of all of our clients by requiring all employees to go through an extensive background check including any history of elder and child abuse as well as screening for drugs and TB. And, all employees are bonded and insured under our general liability policy and are covered with our Workmen’s Compensation policy.

We know the trust you put into us, and therefore, we make it a policy not to hire anyone we would not want taking care of our own family.

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